St. Patrick, Shamrocks, and the Blessed Trinity (Printable)

Shamrocks have been plastered around town for weeks now. And we all know that that means St. Patrick’s Day is just days away.

Lately,  I have been recalling the old legend of how St. Patrick used the shamrock to help explain the meaning of the Blessed Trinity. It is a rather difficult concept to grasp, and one that we will not  truly understand until we achieve everlasting life. But we can still try, right?

So, along with Leprechauns and Pots of Gold, why not try in a fun way to help little ones, (and maybe even a few adults!), understand just what is meant by “Three Persons in One” this Saint Patrick’s Day?

Blessed Trinity Shamrock may be just the ticket:

Just click, print, cut and paste, and you and your little ones can have some fun learning about the Blessed Trinity in memory of St. Patrick!


Looking for other ways to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick? Take a peek at how we celebrated last year and go here to print your lucky pot of gold! And  here for a few more ideas!

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14 responses to “St. Patrick, Shamrocks, and the Blessed Trinity (Printable)

  1. Thanks so much for adding this to the St. Patrick’s Day Blessings linky! This is wonderful! And you’re the first person who joined who I hadn’t invited, so it made me smile to see that the word is spreading. 🙂

  2. Hi I am apart of the workbox group. Thank you for sharing this craft! I am excited to share it with my kids in the morning 😀

  3. Found you on work boxes thanks for this printout We are planning on this discussion today:) i was going to follow but I didn’t see a GFC.

  4. I am linking this tomorrow 🙂 My little kids enjoyed this cut and paste craft!

  5. Veronica Gorrell

    Awesome idea — the Crown of Thorns!!! I plan to use this for an activity on Good Friday. I’d like to have a ‘hands-on’ activity for each day of the week
    between Palm Sunday and Easter…..any more wonderful ideas? Thanks for sharing your talents!

    • The Crown of Thorns is a wonderful activity for Good Friday. We end up taking our Crown that we make on Ash Wed. and hanging it with ribbon on our family room mantel on Good Friday– great visual for the kids! I do have lots of ideas for the rest of Lent/Holy Week— Stay tuned as I will be posting them throughout the season 🙂

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  7. Thank you so much, Holly! We love St. Patrick’s Day here and will be working on our Leprechaun Catchers tomorrow as well as this wonderful craft!

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