Celebrating Lent: Lamb of God Lenten Calendar

During Advent, our family marks the days with the use of a simple Advent calendar. Each child looks forward to being able to move the little candy cane from square to square as the anticipation builds for the arrival of Christmas Day. As I have been preparing my home for the beginning of Lent, and after seeing Lacy’s Lenten Calendar and Karen’s Lamb of God Calendar, I thought, as we await the Lamb of God, why not do the same for Lent? And since Lenten calendars are in such abundance, I decided to create my own printable poster size version.

For each day of Lent, the  children will  glue a cotton ball into the day’s square. By the end of Lent, our Lamb will be full of wool as we celebrate the arrival of the Lamb himself!

Won’t you join us, too, as we await the Risen Lord?

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16 responses to “Celebrating Lent: Lamb of God Lenten Calendar

  1. Heather Norred

    Hi Holly, Thank you so much for the poster! I was washing dishes this morning thinking how can I get a 4 year old “interested” in Lent.

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  3. I love this project and will be linking to it on CatholicSistas.com on Tuesday! This will also be the countdown that I will use for our kiddies! Thanks!

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