Celebrating Lent: The Sacrificial Bean Jar

Much like the Crown of Thorns, our family uses the Bean Jar to serve as a visual reminder of how our small Lenten sacrifices add up to a greater good.

We use a simple flower vase with a purple ribbon tied at it’s neck. A small crucifix is laced on to help remind us what all of our sacrifices are for.

After a sacrifice is offered, a small bean is added to the jar.

Throughout Lent, the beans will accumulate as a visual representation of all of the good deeds that have been accomplished.

On Easter Sunday, the dry beans will be replaced with jelly beans to show how the sacrifices we offer will one day be rewarded by the sweetness of everlasting life.


Searching for more ways to engage your children this Lenten season?

Take a peek here to find other ways we celebrate the Lenten season in our home.

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12 responses to “Celebrating Lent: The Sacrificial Bean Jar

  1. Holly, First where did you go to the homeschool conference? We were just at the one in Cincinnati. Just wondering. Second, what are some of your Lent sacrifices? I think this is a wonderful idea to solidify what Lent is all about.
    Colette Stanley

    • @Colette, We attended a conference in Louisiana. Some of the Lenten sacrifices the children offer are simple things since they are so young– making their beds without being asked, cleaning their room, helping out their sibling, taking out the trash, etc. All little things, but they all add up!

  2. Love the idea – We’re using a paper cross with bandaids in our house this year, but your bean jar with the purple ribbon and crucifix is much more attractive!

  3. This is a Beautifully SImple and Visually Powerful idea!
    Thank You and God Love You and Yours ♥

  4. Me han encantado todas tus ideas para celebrar Cuaresma y las estoy publicando en mi blog, enlazandola hacia tu blog para que vengan a verlas. Gracias amiga por tu generosidad y por compartir de esta manera tan bonita.
    Un abrazo desde España.

  5. Great Idea! I Love it! We do something similar to this with friends/family & also do a separate jar, for adults mostly, when/if you slip on what you “give up” or Sacrifice/Fast for Lent then you must pay the jar. When Lent is over the money goes to a different Catholic Charity every year.(St. Vincent De Paul, Knights of Columbus etc.) It helps to remind us the importance of Fasting our luxuries or breaking the bad habits we often give up, plus the money “paid” for slipping up goes to a good cause.

  6. I LOVE this idea! I am surfing around, trying to decide what to do with the kids for Lent this year. I may just have to use your idea if you don’t mind. 😉 Thank you so much for sharing!

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