Preparing to Keep a Holy Lent :: Lenten Plans


Advent and Christmas have only just come and gone, but believe it or not Lent is only 2 weeks away!

I have been in planning mode since just a bit after Christmas, trying to order my home and make lessons to ensure that the season is really lived and savored. While I do have a few new traditions I hope to add to our family this year,  here is a look at what helped to make the season memorable for our family last year.

My hope is that they will bless you and your family as we approach the penitential season and await the resurrection of the Lord!



Decorating for Lent :: Lenten Mantel


Awaiting the Resurrection :: Lenten Lamb of God Countdown Calendar


Books for the Journey :: Lenten Book Basket



Spring Cleaning Our Hearts and Homes During Lent :: 40 Bags in 40 Days


Ash Wednesday Copywork Shot

Ash Wednesday :: Copywork (FREE Printable)


Ash Wednesday :: Burying Alleluia


Chocolate Crown of Thorns Tutorial


Salt Dough Crown of Thorns Tutorial


Sacrificial Bean Jar


Giving Alms for Children


DSC_1050 DSC_0200

Stations of the Cross for Children


Stations of the Cross Box Preschool Montessori Printable Cards


Palm Sunday


La Toquette :: Pocking Eggs


Alleluia! He is RISEN!


Already have plans in mind for the Lenten season? Share how you will Keep a Holy Lent with all of us in the comments!

And visit Lacy for more Lenten ideas!

13 responses to “Preparing to Keep a Holy Lent :: Lenten Plans

  1. thanks for sharing all these ideas (we’ve always done resurrection eggs for Easter and empty tomb rolls)

    • Stef, we do those also… last year I just didn’t have my act together to get them posted! Hope to share them along with our other ideas this year!


  2. I like your blog. Will be visiting often. Ty.

  3. wanting to share lent with my kids…4 new catholics this Easter!! thanks for the ideas!!

    • Glad you were able to discover some new ideas Holly! And how lovely to have new family members enter the church—We will keep you all in our prayers!

  4. I am going to try to do a family devotional time each evening this year. I also have plans to make some Resurrection Eggs and a Lent Folder Book.

  5. I actually saw your Crown of Thorns dough on Lacy’s site earlier this year and have been planning to do this for Good Friday this year! We’ll be visiting relatives and I won’t have access to my Godly Play stuff, so I thought this would be an easy, meaningful thing to do. Thanks for sharing with us on Celebrating Lent!

  6. I too want to thank you for posting your ideas to our link-up. It’s so nice to see different versions of very similar ideas – like your Lenten mantelpiece and Sheila’s Lenten nature table: I think those sort of reinforcements make it a lot easier for others to envisage how they could creatively adapt the ideas to their own situation.

  7. I love your beautiful ideas. I believe that when we take the time to do meaningful faith-related activities with our children, their understanding is increased and the love of their faith grows!

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