Celebrating Lent: Burying Alleluia

Throughout the entire Lenten season, Alleluia does not grace our lips.It is intentionally left out of the liturgy. It’s disappearance allows us to concentrate on the penitential tone of Lent until its reemergence on Easter morn. It is then that it is sung like a new song: “Alleluia! He is risen!”

On Ash Wednesday, our family buries Alleluia,

along with the writings of the Lenten sacrifices we all plan to make. It is placed in a purple bag,

and then hidden away. It will reappear on the mantel on Easter morning.

It’s a simple, quiet little way to help the children understand the importance of that third day.


Searching for ways to engage your children this Lenten season?

Take a peek here to find other ways we celebrate the Lenten season in our home.

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5 responses to “Celebrating Lent: Burying Alleluia

  1. Holly,
    Great ideas for Lent, see my blog and you will see Carmella our 4 year old and I plan to do the Lent Box this Sat as “mom” has a catering job going that day. Great blog! I’ll pass it on to my followers.

    • @Dave, Thanks for stopping by; I’m glad you have found useful information here! Have fun with your little one crafting the Lent Box!

  2. Nice Crown Royal bag! 😉

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