Hi there. I’m Holly.
I’m the oldest child of  four, and a perfectionist which explains my overly organized, overly scheduled life and type A personality.
I met my husband at the sweet age of 16. He couldn’t remember my name the entire night we first  met. I married him anyway.
Now we have 2 little rugrats. They are pretty decent little people I choose to hang out with all day.
We home school. Did I mention I’m an introvert?
I hope you enjoy this site,  Three Sided Wheel.
In Confessions, you’ll find my daily musings, whining, and thoughts as I wheel through this life of mine, still learning how to play house and raise children.
In Domestic Church, I post about all of the ways our Catholic household celebrates the liturgical year. You’ll find ways we celebrate feast days, fun crafts and lots of links that lead you elsewhere cause I am no theologian.
In Home Education, I share what I have learned in my 3 years of teaching my children at home. I share our day-to-day explorations, along with book reviews of curriculum.
In Home Management, I share what works. Well, what works for me. All the things I have gleaned from veteran moms that have helped me along my way, I hope will help you along your journey too.
And in Recipes you’ll find all of the yummy dishes that come from my kitchen.
There’s cream. And butter. And wine. Be forewarned.
But, don’t let all of this fool you.
This is but a sliver of my life.
And it’s an imperfect life, full of unplanned punches.

6 responses to “About

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  4. Hi there 🙂 I have nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.
    Details : http://pulchradoctrina.wordpress.com/versatile-blogger-award/

  5. I am soooo happy I found your site!! thanks for all the great ideas and infos about how to raise our 3-year-old little guy 🙂 God bless

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