I Kidnapped Momma

I didn’t mean to.

See, it’s just that I really like to be held.

Like, a lot.


And I am a bit of a night owl. Even though momma tries, I really would rather sleep all day. So, I’ve kind of been holding her hostage, you could say.


She doesn’t seem to mind that much. So, for my five-weeks-old birthday, I decided I would give her a bit of a scare. It turned out to be a bigger scare than I had planned.


See, I scared her so much that she ended up taking me to the hospital for the weekend. They gave me cute little stickers to wear and lots of good air.


I didn’t really like my stay there too much. The last time was way better. But I’m okay now.



You know what is really neat?

I have have all of these silly people who keep me company and love to play with me, and hold me, and sing to me.


And I have this big brother who doesn’t seem to mind that he isn’t the baby anymore.


At least I think that’s true because he really likes to kiss my cheeks.

Like, a lot.


3 responses to “I Kidnapped Momma

  1. Hi Holly, how scary for your precious baby girl! Love your sweet family picks! May God bless you and keep your kiddos healthy!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this, but glad that everyone is home and healthy now!

  3. Your family gets more beautiful every time I see pictures of you all.

    Love ALL of you very much ❤❤❤❤❤

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