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Business Trip

While clutching itineraries and agendas, he pulled along all that it is that makes a week behind him, quietly slipping into darkness before the day’s light.


The children, earlier in the week, noted the stark whiteness that began trickling over from office to home–a heap of scheduled meetings and travel logs that found their way upon kitchen counters, all which already plotted out his days. Days that would not be spent bustling about the heart of our home.

Leading up to departure, scattered signs and small piles began to accumulate throughout the house, marking where he has been and where he is going. All outwardly displaying that the week ahead will be played with a different rhythm.


They noticed, with anxious waiting, that this is what a loving father does for his children.

They understood that yes, Dad has to work for one whole week for me to be able to have this home full of warmth.  It takes another 2 days to have a closet of clothes and shelves of books.  And still 3 more days for me not to have to experience real hunger.


They noticed that he willingly gives up the better part of the day’s hours, even travels across the country,  just so they are able to have the joys and comforts of this life.


Just hours before his  leaving, disguised as piggy back rides and begging for just one more book, they relayed to him that they are ever so thankful.

As he tucked them into bed on the eve of departure, I noticed, with grateful pause, that just like the Father, he willingly and lovingly sacrifices of himself to provide for all that he has created.

It was on this morn, with a hug and kiss that whispered goodbye, that I knew that he, too, knows that I am ever so thankful.


Airborne: {First Dauphin Street Vault}

It’s just not what you would expect to run into when walking down the street.

You don’t expect to see runways planked down with standards raised at it sides.

No, you don’t expect it at all.

But it is exactly what caused street closings this weekend.

The collaborative brain child of some old high school friends and track team mates came to fruition on Saturday with our city hosting it’s first Dauphin Street Vault event.

Some 70- odd jumpers, (some as young as ten!), from surrounding states, all joined in on the chance to reach the box and invert themselves over the bar amidst local eateries and night clubs.

In the middle of the street…

On pavement…

With spectators gawking as the bar rose higher and higher.

And good friend, (wife of one of the organizers and mother of two), proved that we old ladies…

Yea….We can be quite amazing!

Beach Days Redux

We found ourselves here, again.   It is so nice to be able to take a short little drive and arrive in paradise.

My husband grew up here. This sand and that ocean were his backyard. He has many a memory that was made here, most of which I want our own children to have the chance to create and make their own.

He has shared with them that if you drive out just a little bit further to The Pass and take that 3rd boardwalk, yes the one full of sand way over there, that you will find the best sea shells.

And if you walk out just a bit further you are guaranteed to find the perfect spot all to your self. That if you time it just right, you most likely will get to see the beautiful dolphins jovially playing about in the waters.

They know that in this place their kites always fly higher,

messages are always better written in the sand,

that you can rearrange the beach to your hearts content,

and yes you can jump over those massive waves.

They know how a can of mixed nuts with a side of grapes can in fact be a meal, or that sandwiches really do taste better when sand is an ingredient.

Together, they are sharing in the collective memory with their father.

I just hope one day they will share and pass on these memories with their own children.

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Beach Days

He knew I needed it, and with no hesitation, we embarked on the adventure. All of us.

See, I have been dragging along these past few weeks.

Trying to remember why it is that I am in this place to begin with, why did we choose this lifestyle?

Why did we choose to have the burden of our children’s education solely rest in us?

It took a little sand and waves, some warm sunshine.

And to stop.

Completely stop.

Completely stop and to realize that this life should not always be about being in perpetual motion. This life is not an emergency.

Being on that beach, being forced to just sit and soak in the moments, I was beckoned to be truly present and witness life’s moments passing.

To watch as they marveled in His creation, with squeals of laughter and delight.

With the urgency of wonder oozing out of their little hands.

I slowly emerged from that mental fog of forgetfulness.

And I remembered!

I remembered, among the awesome vastness of the ocean, with the sand beneath our feet, that these two little people have been entrusted to me.

Out of all the people they could have been granted to, He chose me!

He chose me to be the witness of these wonderful moments, to share in their joy and happiness, and to create these little life moments.

He chose me to be the one present.


To be present.

A burden?


For if He has faith in me, then so shall I.

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We really shouldn’t be here. If all had gone as planned, we would be 10 hours and 700 miles away by now. That little trip in the summer was a view into the new life, in the new town, in the new state.

I asked everyone to pray for us. That, if it truly was meant to be, the path would be easy and clear.

And the news that the position was his was relieving. I was happy for him. Really happy. I was greatful that  his vision was coming to fruition. Grateful they saw in him what it is that I see. But, my heart ached at the same time.

Do I really want to raise my children there? And a home– In hurricane alley? Should we buy or settle for renting? What will homeschooling be like in a new place? The distance—How often will we be able to visit family?

And then little trickles of assumed details began to surface. And then the path became muddy. So much so that it was clear that it was better to stay put.

And so, stay we did. And on this Christmas morning, my heart knew that staying put was where He wanted us all along.

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