Celebrating Lent: Giving Alms for Children

During Lent we are called to pray, fast and give alms. For my children, who are penniless and  jobless, to part with money, I find, does not fully allow them to understand the importance of giving alms.

Instead, during Lent, a cardboard box is covered and marked with the words “Pray. Fast. Give Alms.”

It is displayed in the kitchen and on days of abstinence and fasting, the children first choose a dry good to place in the box before their meals.

This simple sacrificial and humble act, to think of the good of others before their own, is a more tangible way form them to practice giving alms.

During Holy Week, the box, with it’s contents, will be delivered by the children to our church food pantry.

It is our hope that as they grow they will come to more fully appreciate what it means to give of themselves through money, time and talent.


Looking for other ways to engage your children this Lenten season in your home? Take a look here for other ideas.

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