Preparing to Keep a Holy Lent :: Lent Book Basket

Each year during Advent and Christmas our family enjoys readings from our traditional book basket that contains a picture book to enjoy on each day of the season. This year, since Lent is fast approaching in just a couple of weeks, I thought it would be the best year yet to carry over this tradition into the Lenten season!

This year, there are not quite enough books to cover each day. I hope to add a few new titles as Easter basket gifts, and will keep my eyes open throughout the year to help build up our collection. The start of this new Lent tradition in our home, (if the Advent and Christmas baskets are any indication), will be eagerly welcomed by my children!

Here is a peek into this year’s Lent Book Basket (Hopefully, you will find a new title or two to enjoy!):


Have any favorite picture books for Lent in your household? Help us all discover a good read–Please share the titles in the comments!

And visit Lacy for more Lenten ideas!

22 responses to “Preparing to Keep a Holy Lent :: Lent Book Basket

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Holly. We are going to add some of them to our list of Lenten reading.

  2. Yours is the only Lenten list I’ve found while searching. Some additions, Rechenka’s Eggs, My First Easter (dePaola), The Bunny Who Found Easter (Zolotow), The Easter Chick….I am also getting a few others from our library system so maybe we can add a few of them. Wish there were more books focusing on Lent and sacrifice for kids though.

  3. The tale of three trees, song of the swallows (for St.Josephs feast)…just found those!

  4. We have Peetook, and love that book. We also have tale of three tees, another wonderfully instructive book. Miracles of Jesus, another great book! I’ll be checking out your other book suggestions, Thanks for sharing. (I’m here from Monica’s Lent Link Up). I don’t think I’ve visited you before, Nice to meet you!

    • Gardenia, Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you, too! Thank you for you book suggestions– I’ve added them to our wish list. I hope you found some new titles in our collection this year!

  5. The Very First Easter by Paul L. Maier, Little Rose of Sharon by Gurley, The Easter Story (St. Joseph’s picture book)…there are probably others, but it is harder to find good Lent books than Advent books. This is probably a tradition we’ll start some day just because I love picture books so much.

  6. Arch books has some really good ones we use at our Preschool of Religion. I do not have any here at home now to put in titles, but there are a few good ones on Palm Sunday and Easter (also Pentecost Sunday)

  7. the story of the empty tomb
    the day Jesus died
    The very first Lord’s Supper
    My Happy Easter Book
    just a few of the titles all can be purchased at cbd. If you type in arch books they will pop up

  8. Hi Holly, what a great list of books you have. I have an older son who would still be interested in reading these books (I think!) but I will check them out of the library for my R.E. first graders. I came over from Lacy’s Lenten Link up.

  9. Holly, your ideas are so fun, and I am the mother of a ten-year-old who has some book ideas to share:

    The Easter Garden: An Easter Legend by Antoinette Bosco (still one we read every year!)

    Seven Lonely Places, Seven Warm Places: The Vices and the Virtues for children by April Bolton. (the explanations are really good, and even though I’m not crazy about the illustrations, my daughter always liked them)

  10. Two more books we like here that are more than the secular Easter. The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs and The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg.

    Great idea. My kids love the Advent/Christmas book basket too. Next year! Came here through Catholic Bloggers Network.

  11. I have been dying to try book baskets, b/c it’s one thing I may be able to fit in my apartment. Thanks for the great starter list. I have half of these books at least. Great page!

  12. What a great idea! I came over from Catholic Icing, and we are definitely going to do this. I have one book that I don’t think was mentioned yet (I apologize if it’s already up and I missed it 🙂 Stone Soup is a great book about sharing, and I know there are many versions by different authors- some are long for little ones, but I know there are also shorter, picture book ones as well. Happy reading!

  13. Thanks so much! This is a great idea, and I can’t wait to use it in our house.

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