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Daybook: August Sunday


I find myself:

::listening to 

a sleeping house. Early morning quiet can be so peaceful.

::giving thanks for

I was reminded this week, as a few friends shared their respective situations, just how blessed I am. They were wonderful and true examples of faith and perseverance. I am forever grateful for their lessons shared.

::learning lessons in

patience. As always, life has a tendency to go unexpectedly and all of the grand plans and goals we intend to reach do not always occur on our schedule. I’m learning to remember that it will all come in due time.

::encouraging learning 

The new home school year has begun yet again in our home. A little later than usual I suppose, but it has begun nonetheless! So far, all of the new curriculum is suiting us well and my summer planning is paying off. (Last year’s second grade books are here, and I’ll share our third grade plans soon.)

::carefully cultivating rhythm

Illness at the beginning of the summer threw our daily schedule off majorly and we still have not fully recovered.  Now, with the start of a new school year, there has been a learning curve in gaining back our daily rhythm. Slowly, but surely, we are finding our way back to old, familiar and  treasured routines.


::crafting in the kitchen 

I have been trying to avoid heating the kitchen as much as possible since the summer heat in our parts is so oppressing on its own. Lots of salads and sandwiches are gracing the menu, but the hint of fall in the air is making me long for soups and stews. Soon!

::living the liturgy

This week we will be celebrating the Queenship of Mary, and look forward to next week when St. Monica and St. Augustine will be honored.

::planning for the week ahead

A certain man in my life will be celebrating a birthday milestone later in the month. Making plans to honor his days are in the works. He just doesn’t know it yet……

That certain man in my life will be returning to a few night classes a week, making our evenings an adjustment, when the children just long for him to be home.

We will continue picking up with our daily school schedule and folding into our old rhythm

Play date with friends

Lots and lots of errands to get tackled

:: worth a thousand words



Loved, Of Course. But Do They Know They Are Liked?

With arms outstretched, I pull them in.


As if if they were cleaved tightly enough that they would again become intertwined with me as they were in those early days.


Nuzzling softly against my chest as I bend to their crowns to kiss and draw in their essence, with expansive vocabulary of affectionate gestures, I am assured that they are aware of the love that fills the rooms and dances through the halls of this home.

It is omnipresent and unfaltering–Yes, they know they are loved.


But do they know they are liked?

Do they know that even when the days are long and arduous, and words have been sharp, that come mid-afternoon when I, standing at sink with hands in soapy water, catch myself and think, “My goodness, this is the first time I have actually seen her today?”, that it is not the day’s tasks that laid before me that were more esteemed?


Or when, ashamedly, voices are elevated over untidy drawers and misplaced baubles, and disapproving words exchanged, do they know that it is my own selfish sinfulness that I am exposing?

Or, worse yet, do they feel that my said disapproval equates that they are not good enough, that they are not loved, that they are not liked?


For I hope that they are aware when we are all gathered at table, with the bountiful blessings that have been bestowed upon us are being heaped upon dishes, that the jovial exchanges of the days doings are what are most treasured.

Just as a doting friend, I hope they know that I know that, yes, your favorite color is rose, not pink, and that two scoops of vanilla ice cream only taste right in that glass dish, and that come evening the door in the hallway must be closed only this much at the bedtime hour.


Do they know that I know these things not because it is imperative to my responsibility to clothe, shelter and feed, but imperative to my responsibility to know, love and serve?

Do they know that when the days begin to light, I beg of His mercy and for His grace for it is my actions this side of Heaven that I will be most remembered?


It is my hope, when the day comes, when no longer arms can be outstretched to pull them close, and kisses are not placed atop their crowns, it will not be my faults, but my acceptance of them, their knowledge of that they were liked, as well as loved, that will endure.

Daybook: Fourth Day of 2012

I find myself:

::ready to get back on track

We have enjoyed a long leisurely vacation with Dad over the past week. After Tuesday, we never ventured far out of the house, and in fact had 3 blissful days when we never left! It was a nice change of pace for all of us, and a welcomed relaxing ending to the old year and beginning of the new!

::listening to 

the children as they play in the family room. I’m letting them indulge in sibling friendship for just a few more moments before beginning school. I think they are learning some wonderful lessons this morning anyways……

::carefully cultivating creativity

this was the state of my family room on New Year’s Eve. We allowed the children to stay up way past bedtime. A New Year’s Eve party of their own was held in sister’s play tent along with every blanket in our house to construct a breezeway across chairs and a piano bench.

We ended up losing a little guy to the sandman around 9:30, but by the looks of things, they had one awesome party!

::giving thanks for

a cozy, snug, warm and happy home filled with three of my favorite people.

::clicking around these links

No clicking this week. Just total relaxation!

::loving the moments


of watching my children play and engage with each other. They truly are each other’s best friends.

::encouraging learning 

still encouraging creativity. But this week, we will venture back into the school room for the first school days of 2012. I think we are all more than ready to get back into our routine.

::crafting in the kitchen 

I’ve been on a braising kick. It’s just such a simple and delicious way to simmer dishes just about all day long, which warms up the house thanks to the oven needing to be on for such lengths of time. So far all of the recipes have been superb.

::living the liturgy

Our Christmas lapbook is coming along nicely, but I will admit that all other liturgical celebrations have taken a back seat lately. Sure we have acknowledged the days with our usually prayers, but I haven’t been able to muster up much of a feast lately. I’m trying to ease into this new year a little bit longer before we start back into things.

::thinking and praying for

a friend’s husband who underwent surgery this Monday who is still in recovery.

for my fellow homeschool moms who are gearing up for the second half of the school year

::planning for the week ahead

Today we will attend our local 4H chapter for our monthly JMG meeting then return home for afternoon lessons. Tomorrow will be a day full of normal schooling and then on Friday we will join friends at a local park after First Friday Mass to celebrate the Epiphany with fun crafts and hopefully a yummy king cake!

Daybook: On the Second Day of Christmas 2011

I find myself:

::noticing God’s glory


Surrounded by Knights of Columbus in full regalia, I watched my three year old son’s wide eyes and wonderment as the parish nativity was blessed. This is the year I have been waiting for, the year that he is beginning to grasp that yes, indeed, He is our King!

::listening to 

a gently falling rain upon a still and quiet house.

::clothing myself in 

I’m going to pull on jeans and and a warm sweater pretty soon as we will be venturing across the bay to visit family that was not able to join us yesterday.

::giving thanks for


my daughter’s quick and astute discovery of the almost-too-late-to-be-caught dwindling Advent candle. Even though the wreath was set in a sterling silver bowl upon the dinning table, some how a candle began to collapse upon itself and just about ignited the evergreen wreath! Thanks to her quick eyes we were all spared a visit from the fire department!

::clicking around these links

Not too much clicking this week. Just this one, that made me cry.

::learning lessons in


gratitude.  Because really, this whole season is all for me. And you, too. For how can we be loved so much that this child was born? How can we not be grateful?

::encouraging learning 

by encouraging creativity. I think that there is a lot to be learned when a child needs to find ways to entertain themselves without adult direction.

::carefully cultivating rhythm


straightening up from the past few days of celebrations. Isn’t it amazingly wonderful how undone things become when you focus solely on your family? I have a list, (of course), and things are slowly being checked off. With Dad home for a week, we will just have to wait and see what type of rhythm plays out.

::crafting in the kitchen 

some ingenuity as I transform leftovers into new dinners. Any suggestions on how to use up a smoked Christmas turkey?

::loving the moments


of cradling my son as he sleeps. The Christmas Vigil Mass proved to be just too late for our little guy who did not have an afternoon nap. Swaying to and fro as he draped his sweet head upon my shoulder made me realize how precious is this season of life.

::living the liturgy

We really enjoyed our Advent lapbook and are contemplating completing another for the 12 days of Christmas since it seems to be a lovely and relaxing way to celebrate this season.

::planning for the week ahead


Today we will venture a few towns over to visit with family.We have already promised to take the children to a matinee later in the week, a rare and exciting treat in our house that everyone is anticipating. (Any suggestions on what to see?) Thanks to lovely grandparents, aunts and uncles generosity, I am sure some good old fashioned playtime with new toys is to be had!

::out takes worth a thousand words


For How Can We Keep From Singing?

Good and bad.

They run on parallel tracks, with one slightly farther ahead. One always arriving just before the other—never quite at the same time.

When it is the good, we conquer and triumph. With the bad, we stumble and stagger.


Over our past eight years together, mixed among the laughter, we have experienced more life altering, life shattering, cataclysmic events than most. And yet, rather than immersing ourselves beneath our own misery and wallowing and faltering in the darkness, we have always looked ahead to the light.

Amidst it all, we have learned that each is a gift.

For how can we keep from singing?


Even when joy and comfort die, through these aching walls, we know that these are all his givings. Through the turmoil and the strife, we lift our eyes to blue skies–no storm can shake our innermost calm, for it is He that echos in our souls.

Good and bad—All these things are ours, since we are His. We trust that as the days pass, the road will become smoother and our load will become light, that peace will find us once again for this is all His grace.

For how can we keep from singing?