Happy Pi Day!

With today’s date, March 3rd, most resembling the irrational number of Pi, (3.14159…..), it was fitting that math lovers across the world today held celebrations in honor of this most beloved number. Before joining all of our friends again like last year at the park for our very own Pi Day celebration, we had a little Pi Day fun of our own at home!

Last night, after seeing several Pi Day shirts, the children both jumped at the chance to create their own t-shirts to wear to our homeschool group’s Pi Day event.

DSC_0097 DSC_0102

We decided to try our hand at it using scavenged t-shirts from around the house and some acrylic paint in varying colors.

(Who knew you could use acrylic paint on fabric? Turns out if you iron the paint after application you can!)


They both loved the finished products!

Once the shirts were set to dry, we were in need of baking a pie to enter into our homeschool group’s Pi Day pie contest. Even though our chocolate fudge pie  placed first last year, we decided to try our hand at a new recipe this year. I stumbled across this simple Key Lime Pie recipe from Martha Stewart and knew that it would be perfect for my daughter to bake on her own.  She even let little brother have a stir or two.

DSC_0128 DSC_0125


With the pie cooled, she then topped it with whipped cream and sliced limes arranged in the shape of the Pi symbol, of course.


Afterwords, just for fun,

they took delight in showing me their pie holes.

Silly kids!


With the pie set aside, it was time to explore the world of circles.

Using Fraction Rings, my little guy had a fun time matching the colors and pieces together to form circles.


Once all of the circles were formed, with a little help from big sister he was able to identify all of the circles out of our Winnie the Pooh Shape Flashcards and match them all to the correct color circle of the Fraction Rings.

DSC_0157 DSC_0158


When all of the flashcards and circles had been matched, he moved on to creating different size circles using our double sided peg Geoboard. This is a favorite manipulative at our house since you never know just when a rubber band will shoot across the room. With a little boy running about, there tends to be a lot of these ‘accidents’.


After playing with circles for a while, it was then time to enjoy a quick lunch before heading out the door for the park. Circle sandwiches, circle tortilla chips with hummus, and sliced orange rounds awaited them on their circle plates.


With our Key Lime Pie in hand, we left for the park to join our homeschool friends.

After a brief lesson on circumference, diameter, radius and the number Pi, the children paired off into teams and went on a scavenger hunt around the playground to find circles. Just as in the exercise from Groovy Geometry: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun, each team was then charged with measuring the circumference and diameter of each circle with string.

DSC_0172 DSC_0176

Using their strings they were then able to see just how many lengths of the  diameter were needed until the circumference string’s end was met.

They were all shocked to discover that no matter how small or large the circle, three times the diameter fit into each circumference. Even at their young ages, they were all able to discover the number Pi!

DSC_0182 DSC_0183

With all of the measuring and calculating complete, it was time for the fovorite part of the day– the Pi Day Pie Tasting Contest. The children were able to vote on the best decorated pie and best tasting pie before indulging in the many wonderful pies. Although we did not win this year, we were just as happy to see our friends, a brother and sister pair, be crowned the King and Queen of Pi Day!


And of course, upon returning home, we just had to enjoy our own pizza Pi(e) for dinner!


Happy Pi Day!

Did you unleash your inner mathematician today, too? Share with us how you made math fun today!


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  1. Those shirts are too cute!

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