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Journey’s End :: Giveaway WINNER! ~ Catholic Crafts and more!

After sharing with all of you last week about the game Journey’s End, there were some amazing responses about how other families help their children grasp the enormity of sin and it’s consequences!

I loved seeing all of the creative ways other parents are leading their little ones in the faith! And even gained some new ways to aid my children along their faith journey.


And since we had such fun playing the game, both with family and friends,  Jennifer has generously offered the game as a FREE GIVEAWAY to one of you dear readers!

And, well, it looks like the winner is……..



Melody@Blossoming Joy!


Congratulations Melody! Jennifer@Crafolic will be contacting you soon to deliver your prize! I hope you enjoy this lovely game as much as we have!


Journey’s End :: Game Review and GIVEAWAY! ~ Catholic Crafts and more!Jennifer @ Crafolic has created an interactive printable game, Journey’s End, to be used with a range of ages to teach about sin,  their consequences, and the need for Confession, while being fun and engaging! She offered this lovely game to our family and we have been having a wonderful time playing.


With only two children though playing at home, the fun was over rather quickly! All games are more fun with friends, so we brought Journey’s End along to our history co-op meeting to share.


Before being able to play the game though, there was some assembly required. The game is a PDF file that must be downloaded and printed. The file itself contains directions for the game; signs for Heaven, Purgatory and Hell; and four sets of playing cards. There are a few pages, (namely the four sets of cards), that must be printed more than once in order to have the correct amount for playing. There is also the need for holding containers for the cards, two 5 pound bags that are able to be carried, and a board/rope/chalk line to serve as the Life Path for the players to walk along.


For our family’s purposes, (and for the co-op meeting), I chose to print all of the e-file pages and, using my Scotch Thermal Laminator, laminated the signs for Heaven, Purgatory and  Hell, as well as the playing cards.


(This was just my preference so that the cards would be durable throughout the many times of play. The game can certainly still be played without lamination!)


To store the cards for play, Jennifer suggests using the bottoms of gallon milk jugs. Instead, we opted to use a couple of extra toy bins from the children’s rooms.


Since we were playing with friends away from home, we used a chalk line for our path instead of a 2×4 board as Jenifer suggests. (This made the game very interesting  for the children since they had to keep reminding each other to stay on the line!)


And for the two 5 pound bags, we used a couple of bags of potatoes since they were already in our pantry.


Now the playing of the game is quite simple– just draw a card from the deck and complete it’s action down the Life Path. Each card states a sin you have ‘committed’ and the action that you must perform due to your giving in to the temptation. The actions are easily completed and range from walking with one eye covered, walking backwards with eyes closed or carrying a heavy load.


Once the first card’s action is completed, repeated drawings are taken from the second and third sets of cards. Lastly, at the end of the Life Path, a card is drawn from the fourth set, an “At Death Card”, to see just were you end up from your previous actions– Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. Those who land in Purgatory have the opportunity to reach the goal of Heaven once another player is charged with praying for them.


At the co-op meeting, after a brief explanation of the directions to the children, (ranging in ages from not quite 2 to 10 years old), they were all eager to tackle their Life Paths! They all had a lot of fun and ended up playing through the game a few times.


Since we had such fun playing the game, both with family and friends,  Jennifer is generously offering the game as a FREE GIVEAWAY to one of you dear readers!

All you have to do to be able to win a FREE copy of Journey’s End is to leave a comment and share how it is you help your children grasp the enormity of sin and it’s consequences.

When you comment, be sure to let us know what works for your family  by 11:59 PM EST, Thursday, March 29, 2012, and you will be entered to win your very own copy! The winner will be announced right here on ThreeSidedWheel Friday, March 30, 2012, so be sure to add us to your feed reader, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the action!

(And if you just can’t wait for the FREE GIVEAWAY of Journey’s End to, well, end, you can pay a visit to Jennifer’s online store and purchase a copy of the PDF e-file for yourself!)

Funnix Reading Program (Psst! It’s FREE!)

Fan of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons?

Then you may want to check out the Funnix Reading Program made by the same creators, Siegfried Engelmann and Owen Engelmann.

The program offers 2 years worth of continuation lessons after the book 100 Easy Lessons has been completed. Designed for both the teacher and student to work through together via the computer, during each 30 minute lesson the narrator will prompt the student with questions and it is the job of the teacher to check for accuracy.

Right now until February 16, the creators of Funnix Reading Program are offering the program as a FREE download. What better way to find out if the program is right for your homeschool than at the price of FREE!

The entire 220 page program (including workbook activities) is available for a limited time as a download before they increase the sale price to $38 after the promotion ends. So swing on over and snag your copy before it is too late!


Fan of 100 Easy Lessons or Funnix? Or did another program work for your family?

Please share!

Book Review: The Child’s Bible History by Knecht

After spending the first couple of years of our homeschool working our way through the The Golden Children’s Bible, this year something new was in order. Still wanting to encompass scripture study into our days, I stumbled upon this little paperback published by Tan Books.


The Child’s Bible History by Rev. F. J. Knecht, D.D is a light weight, small, slightly larger than palm sized booklet.


It’s pages chronicle both the history of the Old Testament


and the New Testament.

Each condensed selection from the Bible, taking no longer than a minute or two to digest,


is relayed with beautiful old language and is accompanied with simple black and white detailed illustrations.


Each selection is followed by comprehension questions, (either to be read by the student or asked by the parent), to help jog the reader’s mind, and to ensure that the scripture study is well understood.


The bit sized selections have helped our family to further delve into the scriptures, all while not taking longer than a couple of minutes to complete in our morning basket.


Simple and effective. It has served us well!

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Summer Book Club: Gooney Bird Greene Note Booking Pages (Printable)

Since the beginning of June, the glass top table has been nudged into the corner and wrought iron chairs rearranged, all waiting for the arrival of 10 little girls. Each Monday afternoon, our family kitchen has been transformed into the meeting place for a girl’s summer book club. Sprawled out on the dinning room rug, all eager to share in friendship over a good book, the girls giggle and smile while discussing the readings and sharing their own stories.

It was last year, just before a family road trip, that we plucked it off of the shelf. After finishing the book, Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry, (the story of a spunky girl who tells only absolutely true stories), I knew it would lend itself to fun.

Within the contextual dialogue of the book, aspects of what makes a story good— beginning, middle, end, characters, suspense– are discussed, and dictionary and atlas usage are explored. Our family went on to finish all of the books in the series, ( there are four total, each standing on it’s own) and were also able to explore fables and poetry. What a springboard for introducing creative writing!

For the past month, the book club has been meandering it’s way through the first book in the series, Gooney Bird Greene. We have gathered to discuss the book, prance around in our own Gooney Bird get ups, and just have some good old fashion fun with words. The girls have also been crafting a notebook of sorts to chronicle their journeys into the writing road.

Because we have had fun…

And because I love ya….

I thought you too might like to venture into the world of Gooney Bird Greene. You can join in on the fun we have been having with creating your own Gooney Bird Greene Notebook. You can find all of the unit adventures we have been utilizing below:

These pages, coupled with Chelle’s  lapbook (from Last In Line) and the literature guide from Merry Bee , would help to make a fun summer for you, too! Enjoy!

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