The downside of this lovely blog of mine is that time does not stop here.

There is still laundry calling my name.

And children who beg to be feed. (Three times a day! Sheesh!)

And two little scholars awaiting enlightenment.

And a husband who needs tending.

I absolutely love each and every one of you who take the time out of your day to read my nonsense. Please know that I read all of your lovely thank yous, praises, and comments. The minute I open your message, we are full on buds.

For life.

And, I do honestly try to answer all of your questions in blog posts.

I am forever grateful for your friendships and company. But, until there is a live in maid  and a personal chef around these parts, I hope these little slivers and glimpses of my life will suffice.

Love You Guys!