Saint Patrick and His Pot of Gold (FREE Printable)

Aside from the blessed trinity shamrock, leprechauns,  pots of gold and rainbows are all associated with the Feast of St. Patrick. Embracing the many myths and lore that surround this day, our family will be celebrating the life and works of St. Patrick this year with a little twist!


Come March 17, my children will be shocked to find they will be able to get their little hands on a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! But instead of finding plain old gold coins, they will discover coins bearing the image of St. Patrick awaiting them!


With a little help from some double sided tape , a 1 inch circle punch, and ordinary chocolate gold coins, 8 different images of Saint Patrick will be printed and adhered to transform the coins before they make their way to the end of the rainbow.


There’s also eight other images of Celtic crosses, trinity shamrocks, flag of Ireland, and a good old St Patrick’s Day rainbow that can also be used to fill up the pot.


Would you like to be lucky, too?

st pat coin covers

Just click the image to print without the copyright watermark and you and your children can find Saint Patrick at the end of the rainbow this year, too!


Searching for ways to celebrate the life and works of Saint Patrick? Check out this free printable Blessed Trinity Shamrock cut-and-paste craft and how we celebrated the Feast of Saint Patrick last year! It’s never to early to plan for March 17!


6 responses to “Saint Patrick and His Pot of Gold (FREE Printable)

  1. What a cute idea! I was planning on putting gold coins out for me kids and now this makes them even more special!

  2. Thank you, my fellow liturgical loon! 😀 I always look forward to your neat printables that really bring our faith celebrations back to their rightful place:)

  3. Very cute, Holly! Thank you for sharing the link!! What a fun little craft you came up with to go along with the coins. Hope you and your family have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day this year!

  4. That is so cute Holly! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of us! Especially those (like me) who are far less crafty!! You will be bringing smiles to children in the Chicagoland area who you don’t even know. Thank you! May you Lenten Journey continue to be fruitful!

  5. Hi Holly, I came back this year and printed another copy of your St. Patrick gold coin printables. I posted about it today and linked it back to you. My first graders were wearing big smiles when they saw them!

    How’s your new baby girl? God bless!

    • Thanks for coming back Noreen! I hope your students enjoyed them! Baby girl is doing wonderfully and growing so quickly–it is such a joyous time!

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