On the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Even though he lived some one thousand years ago, He still lives in people’s hearts as he is a most beloved Saint. He is definitely a favorite to celebrate in our house!


Though this is a tad bit late, we did in fact celebrate the life of Saint Francis of Assisi in our home on Tuesday with lots of picture books being shared throughout the day. In fact, there are so many good books that it was hard for my little ones to narrow down from the stack on our shelves and the bag full we toted home from the library!


We let Saint Francis’ love and reverence of animals and nature,as illustrated in his Canticle to Brother Sun and Sister Moon, help us to celebrate his life this year. The children enjoyed snacking on animal crackers and then decided to help create a few treats of their own for the birds and squirrels. Birdseed Cookies seemed just the ticket. (Perhaps next year we can enjoy our own edible Birdseed Cookies…)


Once the birdseed cookies were made, we ventured out on a nature walk with friends to a neighborhood park and explored the wonders of creation in honor of St. Francis for a bit. We brought along a few of the birdseed cookies to leave for the creatures, too!


And what is a feast day without a feast? Since Saint Francis was from Italy, we enjoyed an Italian meal of baked pasta with steamed broccoli trees to remind us of Francis’ love of nature.

You know those funny looking haircuts that sweet monks wear? You know the hair with the shaved circle in the middle? Well, it’s called a Tonsure and in honor of our beloved Brother, we enjoyed a brownie Tonsure cake for desert!


(I think that perhaps next year it might be fun to serve the whole day’s meals in the shape of the Tonsure. I’m thinking Monkey Bread for Breakfast, a Ham and Cheese Sandwich Ring for Lunch, and a Broccoli Chicken Ring for dinner with a Tonsure cake for dessert…..)


While at the dinner table, after praying the Peace Prayer of St. Francis, my daughter pointed out that the birdseed cookies they created earlier in the day were also in the shape of a Tonsure, that her T-shirt worn earlier in the day was graced with the word Peace (“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace….”), and that her and her brother’s night time jammies also featured some of Francis’ beloved animal creatures, a lion and a mouse.

Thank you St. Francis! It couldn’t have been planned better!

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