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Celebrating Lent: Stations of the Cross Box Montessori Printable Cards

After gathering all the materials to create our own family Stations of the Cross Montessori box, and seeing all of the small items that I was going to willingly hand over to my toddler,

I immediately envisioned what was going to happen to all of those tiny little pieces.

I knew that he would become a mini David Blaine–

They were going to disappear.

So, in an attempt to repress my toddler’s urge to play magic tricks with the Stations of the Cross box, I created simple Montessori cards with images of the items to help represent each station.

Instead of real twine and nails to match with the first and eleventh stations, now there are pictures in their places.

With that solved, now I just have to worry about him trying to hang himself upside down from the refrigerator….


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