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Feast of St. Valentine Cupcake Toppers (Printbale)

With the Feast of Saint Valentine just a day away, the children and I spent part of our afternoon baking some delicious cupcakes. (And yes, of course, they were chocolate!)


DSC_0836 DSC_0833

At the market this weekend, my daughter saw lots of cupcake toppers for purchase, but was dismayed to discover there weren’t any that depicted the Saint or mentioned that it was his feast day. So when we returned home,together we decided to create our own for the occasion.


DSC_0890 DSC_0897

I let my daughter have the reins for these— didn’t they turn out nicely?

And you can adorn your cupcakes, too.

As an early St. Valentine gift to all of you,(and because I love ya!), the St. Valentine Cupcake Toppers are yours and free to print–just click on the image above to print without the copyright watermark!

We plan on bringing them along to a local park tomorrow afternoon where we will celebrate with special friends. We will also share the love and life of St. Valentine by exchanging our St. Valentine printable valentine cards!

What chocolate goodies will you celebrate with on the Feast of St. Valentine? Please share!
(Recipes involving chocolate are especially welcome!)


Happy Feast of Saint Valentine Printable Valentine Cards

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With Valentine’s day just around the corner, lately I have been coming across some amazingly wonderful printbale Valentine cards with lovely scripture verses all ready and set for little hands to exchange with friends. (Check out these from Lacy and these from Jennifer.)

However, I was unable to uncover any printable Valentine cards that actually featured the lovely priest and martyr himself!

Since St. Valentine was known for his great deeds of charity,  I thought it a fitting way for my children to honor his feast day by being able to exchange cards that contained his image to help remind their friends, (and themselves), of his great holy life. And also to serve as a reminder to ask for his humble intercession to help us learn about our faith and to grow in virtue.

So here, because I love all of you, are two printable Catholic valentine cards with St. Valentine himself! (And one more that says “Happy  St. Valentine Day!” just for good measure!)

Just click the image to be able to print without the copyright watermark. Choose just one, or print them all for variety, and address them to your friends and family to share the love and life of St. Valentine!

And don’t forget to send one to your parish Priest– let him know how much he is appreciated and loved!


Have any plans for the Feast of St. Valentine? Share them here and then pop on over to Lacy’s to link them up!