Daybook: August Sunday


I find myself:

::listening to 

a sleeping house. Early morning quiet can be so peaceful.

::giving thanks for

I was reminded this week, as a few friends shared their respective situations, just how blessed I am. They were wonderful and true examples of faith and perseverance. I am forever grateful for their lessons shared.

::learning lessons in

patience. As always, life has a tendency to go unexpectedly and all of the grand plans and goals we intend to reach do not always occur on our schedule. I’m learning to remember that it will all come in due time.

::encouraging learning 

The new home school year has begun yet again in our home. A little later than usual I suppose, but it has begun nonetheless! So far, all of the new curriculum is suiting us well and my summer planning is paying off. (Last year’s second grade books are here, and I’ll share our third grade plans soon.)

::carefully cultivating rhythm

Illness at the beginning of the summer threw our daily schedule off majorly and we still have not fully recovered.  Now, with the start of a new school year, there has been a learning curve in gaining back our daily rhythm. Slowly, but surely, we are finding our way back to old, familiar and  treasured routines.


::crafting in the kitchen 

I have been trying to avoid heating the kitchen as much as possible since the summer heat in our parts is so oppressing on its own. Lots of salads and sandwiches are gracing the menu, but the hint of fall in the air is making me long for soups and stews. Soon!

::living the liturgy

This week we will be celebrating the Queenship of Mary, and look forward to next week when St. Monica and St. Augustine will be honored.

::planning for the week ahead

A certain man in my life will be celebrating a birthday milestone later in the month. Making plans to honor his days are in the works. He just doesn’t know it yet……

That certain man in my life will be returning to a few night classes a week, making our evenings an adjustment, when the children just long for him to be home.

We will continue picking up with our daily school schedule and folding into our old rhythm

Play date with friends

Lots and lots of errands to get tackled

:: worth a thousand words



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