Now We Are Four

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed. He was just turning three.


This year he requested a “Captain America, Spiderman, Super Hero and St. George Dragon cake“………


The baking of the actual cake ended in a fiasco. As I was taking the cake out of the oven, one of the two round cake pans slid right off of my silicon oven mitt and fell face down onto the open oven door.

Crumbles. Everywhere.

The poor cake wasn’t able to be salvaged, so we compromised and settled on a Captain America shield since there was just one half of the cake left. The birthday boy was just as happy, but I was a little disappointed with my clumsiness yet slightly relieved since I didn’t think I could pull off his first actual request!



Notice the finger tracks in the icing?

Later, as we were out the door on our way to Sunday morning mass, I discovered red frosting smeared all across the front of the birthday boy’s yellow shirt.


Sneaky little thief!


A quick wardrobe change was in order, and a good thing too since once at mass he joined his grandparents in presenting the gifts just before the Liturgy of the Eucharist.


It was a full and fun day.

And now, I’m not too sure how I feel about having a four year old running around.



3 responses to “Now We Are Four

  1. The cake looks great! You did a wonderful job saving it. (Four does seem so much older than three. My guy turns four next month and is requesting the Solar System for his cake, complete with the newly-added dwarf planets and the asteroid belt. I think this might be beyond my abilities.)

  2. Oh! I am completely horible at remembering birthdays! I hope he enjoyed his special day. Love yall. Btw, cake turned out great!

  3. GREAT save, Mom! pax, amanda =)

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