It’s Finally Summer Time In These Parts


While the temperature has been high since March, our family is just now easing into summertime. All of the second grade school books have finally been finished and tucked away, but before I set out into full on planning mode for the upcoming school year, I am taking the time to relish in my family.

This year has proved to be a very difficult year for us, on all fronts, but we have remained full of faith, leaned on prayer and remembered that only He knows how much we can handle.

So lately, as our family is finally beginning to ease into relaxation, there have been more and more scenes like these out in the backyard.

$5 and a little water can make for smiling children and happy afternoons underneath God’s canopy.

What makes it even better is when this guy joins in on the fun.


Hurling slippery little bodies who are shouting with glee—this is what they will treasure.


And they will always remember when their father did this:


God, I love that man.


3 responses to “It’s Finally Summer Time In These Parts

  1. I absolutely love this and your family. Happy summer!

  2. Hi Holly, I am fairly new here. I have been reading over the past few months and loved your thoughts! I love the summertime fun too. Slip n slides are the best! Your husband looks like a big kid just like mine 🙂 I hope you have a blessed and peaceful week.

  3. That looks super fun. Too bad I don’t have a backyard to do that. But I definitely give props to him for doing the slide!

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