Keeping a Holy Lent :: Resurrection Play Sets


Over the past few days I have had multiple requests seeking to learn just where it was that I was able to find the Easter Resurrection Play Set that was mentioned in the Lenten Mantel post.

DSC_0782 DSC_0786


I wasn’t trying to hold out on all of you!  Promise!

I was able to find our set at our local Hobby Lobby store. It was located amongst the Easter bunnies, egg dye and plastic eggs. If you have one near you, take a trip there soon as our set was only one of three left!

(And while you are there, go ahead and pick up a bag of their plastic eggs to make a set of Resurrection Eggs— save yourself an extra trip!)

Since so many wished to be able to locate this adorable set for their own families, I thought I would share a few alternatives that I have since run across in case there isn’t a Hobby Lobby store near you:

This Easter Resurrection Set  consists of 8 pieces, all of hand painted resin, featuring Christ along with 6 figures and an empty tomb. It is also accompanied with a card retelling the Story of the Resurrection.

There is also this Resurrection Scene.  It too is hand painted resin, but it appears that additional figures are sold separately.

And lastly, this set of Stations Of The Cross Religious Statues are handcrafted, each numbered with Roman numerals on the back and a inscription on the front. These would be perfect for the older child during the Lenten season.

Hopefully all of these resources will bless you and your families!


Still searching for ways to engage your children this Lenten season?

Take a peek here to find other ways we celebrate the Lenten season in our home.


3 responses to “Keeping a Holy Lent :: Resurrection Play Sets

  1. I have a Resurrection set, but these are much nicer! Thanks! I already own the Stations of the Cross set that you have listed here. It’s a nice set, but they say “handcrafted” ……..well …….Mine looks like it was painted by a machine or maybe someone who has trouble painting, but the set is GREAT for the price! 😉 If you plan to buy the Stations set they were selling a shelf for it separately. I bought that, too. But we often take them out of the shelf when we say the stations as a family.
    Thanks again!! God Bless!

  2. Am I reading this correctly- the price listed is for the set? That is a great price.My kiddos would love to get their little hands all over these. And at this price I wouldn’t mind!

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