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He looked so handsome in his button down shirt.

He terms them his “dad shirts” since they are reminders of what Dad often wears to the office.



He really enjoyed the afternoon at the park playing with all of his friends. The best part, of course, was getting to enjoy the homemade chocolate cupcakes topped with St. Valentine.



He was a little eager to have a taste of the cupcakes before we left the house. Signs that little fingers just couldn’t wait for the park were evident!



The evidence that tipped the whole thing off!

Apparently, when trying to secure a bit of icing, a little dropped onto the kitchen floor.

Apparently, in his haste to try to avoid getting caught, little toes tracked the icing throughout the entire kitchen.

Nice try little buddy but you were caught red handed!


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3 responses to “{pretty, happy, funny, real} :: Icing Thief

  1. Your little guy is SO stink’n cute 🙂 Especially in his ‘dad shirt’, our boys say the same thing. They are ever happy to wear shirts on Sunday like dad wears to work!

    • Thanks CeAnne! On Sunday mornings, he tries to match his shirt to his father’s— it’s so cute to see them sitting next to each other in the pew 🙂

  2. What fun pictures! He is adorable! Visiting from Jen’s blog.

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