Funnix Reading Program (Psst! It’s FREE!)

Fan of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons?

Then you may want to check out the Funnix Reading Program made by the same creators, Siegfried Engelmann and Owen Engelmann.

The program offers 2 years worth of continuation lessons after the book 100 Easy Lessons has been completed. Designed for both the teacher and student to work through together via the computer, during each 30 minute lesson the narrator will prompt the student with questions and it is the job of the teacher to check for accuracy.

Right now until February 16, the creators of Funnix Reading Program are offering the program as a FREE download. What better way to find out if the program is right for your homeschool than at the price of FREE!

The entire 220 page program (including workbook activities) is available for a limited time as a download before they increase the sale price to $38 after the promotion ends. So swing on over and snag your copy before it is too late!


Fan of 100 Easy Lessons or Funnix? Or did another program work for your family?

Please share!


One response to “Funnix Reading Program (Psst! It’s FREE!)

  1. I taught all 3 of my girls to read with the “Teach your child to read book”. We never finished the book, about lesson 60 they began reading things like “Go Dog Go” with great comprehension skills. It is a wonderful program. Now that I am back in the classroom I am using the Funnix program with my Kindergarten and low First Grade students. They simply love the stories, each screen captures their attention. No discipline problems and good progress is being made by all. Highly recommend etither program.

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