Holy Heroes Catholic Prayers and Mass Responses Booklet (Pssst! It’s Free!)

Remember the lovely family that brought us all on our Lenten Adventure, Summer Faith Adventure, and Advent Adventure? Well, they are at it yet again!

Holy Heroes “Best-Loved Catholic Prayers & Prayers of the Mass” is now available as a FREE download–so you can print off as many copies as you’d like!
And, yes, this DOES include all the new Mass responses!
The  full-color, very detailed little “Missalette” includes proper behavior for mass, the correct gestures for each prayer, and the various options that may be heard during the Mass, as well as what a presiding BISHOP would say and how we should respond (yes, it is different when a Bishop presides at Mass)!
There are even the most common Latin and Greek prayers which some parishes use in Mass included in the booklet!
Just head on over to Holy Heroes and fill out the short questionnaire to snag your FREE Download!

With over two dozen prayers to memorize and know by heart, and a full color detailed little Missalette, this is the perfect addition to the Mass Bag to help your little ones engage fully in the Mass!

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