Upcycling Calendars Into Icons

Every year during Advent you see them lying around the back of the Church free for the taking. Chances are you probably have more than one that was forgotten in the depths of a drawer or stashed away into a cabinet.


The problem: the calendar’s year has already passed and is no longer useful.

Or is it?


In our home these lovely calendars are a wonderful way of helping to honor the Saints on their Feast Days. Since often times the calendars depict scenes of Jesus’ life or illustrate favorite and rare saints, the pages are separated and then laminated, allowing for the pictures to stay sturdy and be used as part of our family liturgical celebrations.


These pictures are then inserted into a reusable 8 x 10 frame and rotated out appropriately. With not much storage space for large statues and icons, they lay flat for easy keeping and have been ever so useful in aiding our children in understanding just who these important people are in the church and the vastness of Jesus’ love for us.


So, while you are de-cluttering now that the Christmas decorations are about to come down, don’t throw them out just yet! Dig them out of the drawers and cabinets and put them to good use!


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