Daybook: Fourth Day of 2012

I find myself:

::ready to get back on track

We have enjoyed a long leisurely vacation with Dad over the past week. After Tuesday, we never ventured far out of the house, and in fact had 3 blissful days when we never left! It was a nice change of pace for all of us, and a welcomed relaxing ending to the old year and beginning of the new!

::listening to 

the children as they play in the family room. I’m letting them indulge in sibling friendship for just a few more moments before beginning school. I think they are learning some wonderful lessons this morning anyways……

::carefully cultivating creativity

this was the state of my family room on New Year’s Eve. We allowed the children to stay up way past bedtime. A New Year’s Eve party of their own was held in sister’s play tent along with every blanket in our house to construct a breezeway across chairs and a piano bench.

We ended up losing a little guy to the sandman around 9:30, but by the looks of things, they had one awesome party!

::giving thanks for

a cozy, snug, warm and happy home filled with three of my favorite people.

::clicking around these links

No clicking this week. Just total relaxation!

::loving the moments


of watching my children play and engage with each other. They truly are each other’s best friends.

::encouraging learning 

still encouraging creativity. But this week, we will venture back into the school room for the first school days of 2012. I think we are all more than ready to get back into our routine.

::crafting in the kitchen 

I’ve been on a braising kick. It’s just such a simple and delicious way to simmer dishes just about all day long, which warms up the house thanks to the oven needing to be on for such lengths of time. So far all of the recipes have been superb.

::living the liturgy

Our Christmas lapbook is coming along nicely, but I will admit that all other liturgical celebrations have taken a back seat lately. Sure we have acknowledged the days with our usually prayers, but I haven’t been able to muster up much of a feast lately. I’m trying to ease into this new year a little bit longer before we start back into things.

::thinking and praying for

a friend’s husband who underwent surgery this Monday who is still in recovery.

for my fellow homeschool moms who are gearing up for the second half of the school year

::planning for the week ahead

Today we will attend our local 4H chapter for our monthly JMG meeting then return home for afternoon lessons. Tomorrow will be a day full of normal schooling and then on Friday we will join friends at a local park after First Friday Mass to celebrate the Epiphany with fun crafts and hopefully a yummy king cake!


3 responses to “Daybook: Fourth Day of 2012

  1. It is so nice to see the fun your children had over this Holiday season 🙂 I love your updates about what’s going on and look forward to learning more about your family in the future!

  2. Emily, They did indeed have a lot of fun, especially with Dad all to themselves for the whole week!

  3. Hi Holly~Thanks for stopping by! I was just sharing similar sentiments with my husband that it’s been so nice not to go anywhere, have any meetings, sports, etc. this week. Just to BE is a nice break. Yet it’s also been nice to get back on track with our routine, I hear ya! I enjoyed your post, thank you. God bless your Epiphany!

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