Out With The Old :: In With The New

Over the past year I’ve spent my time tying to find my voice, trying to find  my purpose in this space, and as I reflect back on this past year’s writings, one thing is clear, the direction of this space would not have been paved without all of you.

For without you, there would not be your words of encouragement,  prayers during the difficult days, or the sharing of my words with others.

For all of you,  I am forever grateful.  To thank you, here is a look back on the top pieces from last year so that you, too, can reflect back on all that you have helped to make happen.


From the Heart


Me and My Better Half

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Work

Embarking on the Journey


Beach Days



From the School Room


Saving My Sanity: The Workbox

Books for the Journey: Second Grade Curriculum

Evaluating the Homeschool Year

Field Trip

School in Session

Summer Book Club: Gooney Bird Greene Notebooking Pages


From the Domestic Church


Catholic Culture: The Importance of the Domestic Church

On the Occasion of First Reconciliation

Advent Lapbook

Chocolate Crown of Thorns

Salt Dough Crown of Thorns

St. Andrew’s Christmas Novena Prayer Cards

Letters From St. Nicholas


From the Home


Kid’s Summer Bingo Cards: How to Beat Out the Boredom

Wrangling the Dirty Dish Monster

Well Ordered Days: The Master Schedule 

Chocolate Fudge Pie

From my heart, I thank you all and look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year!


One response to “Out With The Old :: In With The New

  1. Feels as if you are giving words to feelings of many “tying to find my voice”, me one of them

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