Capturing Everyday Life:Christmas Morning {pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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Each year my mother gifts us with a new hand crafted ornament. This one was from a couple of years back and is one of my favorites. Crimson and Gold have long been the colors of our Christmas decorations and this one fits our scheme perfectly!


Although this picture is not as sharp as I would have liked due to not having enough time to set up my camera (don’t they know they are supposed to stay in bed a bit longer for those types of things to occur?!) this is my most treasured shot from Christmas morning. The excitement on their faces and the genuine happiness is something I am glad I was able to capture.


My son, to his delight, was gifted with a trove of little policemen action figures. This little guy however, well, lets just say he must be on the wounded-in-action list–He is missing both his arms and legs!


I had ever intention of making time for myself to have a much needed pedicure and  paint my nails,  but as any mother of young children knows, Christmas morning comes very quickly and very early. I was only able to hastily swipe some polish on my first two toes since they were the only ones that would be peeking out of my peep toe heels for Christmas Mass!

Note to self: your New Year’s resolution most definitely needs to include time for yourself!


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5 responses to “Capturing Everyday Life:Christmas Morning {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. It has been my intention to have a pedicure for the last six months, I am with you on the New Year’s resolution.

  2. I love that ornament! It is very beautiful.

  3. What a great picture of your kiddos on Christmas morning. I love looking back on the excited expressions on my girls’ faces on Christmas morning. They’re priceless. Of course, as they get older I have a harder time snapping a picture of them that isn’t blurred as they race past me to check out their gifts. Love the partial pedicure.

  4. Ha! I’ve done the partial pedicure before too; you are not alone! =)

    Sometimes the most special photos are the ones that are not technically perfect, but record a moment we want to remember nonetheless. I think you did a great job of capturing your children’s joy on Christmas morning.

  5. I have given myself pedicures like that before too! And, blurry or not, the picture of your children on Christmas morning is priceless.

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