Advent Lapbook (Printable)

Throughout this past Advent season we counted down the days and explored lots of treasured stories both new and old, while in the school room, we celebrated the season by completing an Advent lapbook.


This was our fist ever attempt at completing a lapbook. I’ve long looked at this fun venture but kept putting it off because it just seem too overwhelming a task  for my daughter- all of the folding, cutting and setting together seemed more drudgery than fun.  Now that she is older and more independent it seemed like the perfect time to introduce this little project into our homeschool curriculum.


We started by disassembling two manila file folders, configured and taped together to form an extension lapbook. We opted to use plain old manila folders instead of the colored variety because my daughter wanted to use up the pretty scraps from the Advent Calendar we crafted this year, though a  lovely lavender or rose color would have been a nice touch.

(I’m sure you will notice the unsightly brown packing tape holding the folders together. Our clear tape was carted off by a little blonde haired boy and used to hold a few army men hostage….)


Over the four weeks of Advent, after viewing the daily Holy Heroes Advent Adventure videos,  little bits and pieces were added to the lapbook.  By the last Friday of Advent, our book was finished.

To complete the lapbook, we used this Advent lapbook from Faith Folders for Catholics (with the 2011 Supplement). It contained information on the different weeks of Advent such as the Gospel readings, prayers for each week, and reflections and questions that were to be placed behind each week’s candle. Among other things, it also contained a reflections guide with questions and space to write or draw the answers which we really enjoyed.


Feast and Feria’s My Little Advent Cards  and 2011 Advent Calendar were also added. I liked how both her  Cards and Advent Calendar contained the saints and feast days of the season along with short prayers, reflections and/or tasks to complete. It was a nice touch to our family’s devotions.

(She also has a Christmas Calendar that is just as delightful.)


We also added That Resource Site’s Advent Detective sheets. My son was able to complete this little sheet with a little help, too. He was just thrilled to be included!

(And while you are there you may want to check out their new Little Lessons of Advent series:Part One and Part Two — just wonderful!)

And then there were a few items that I created myself. You can print them out for your family, too. (All of the instructions for assembly are included with the printable.)

I am so glad that we gave this little gem a chance. It was a great way for our daughter to learn more about her faith in a fun and tactile way, while still focusing on preparing for the birth of Christ. We enjoyed this experience so much that we are now completing a 12 Days of Christmas Lapbook!


15 responses to “Advent Lapbook (Printable)

  1. This is so great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! Mind if I use it for my first graders?

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing!!

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  6. Love the ideas for Catholic advent. Interested in any other Catholic activities for kids from 3-10 yrs of age

  7. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I have been looking for! I really appreciate your hard work in putting all this together.

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  9. Hi! Love this idea. I can’t figure out how to print the printable pages.

  10. Is there any possibility that I can still print the pages for the lapbooks? It keeps coming up saying the pages aren’t found and my kids love lapbooks and this would be perfect for advent! Thanks.

    • Hmm. Not sure why you are getting that notification. Try selecting the printable lap book pages images, they are linked to the pdf available.

    • Perhaps you are selecting the pages from That Resource Site and receiving the error msg? The owner of that material has made the pages now part of their subscription service.

  11. Would you mind sharing what your kids wrote under the flaps for the symbols, Joseph and Mary, and the saints? Thank you so much.

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