Daybook: On the Second Day of Christmas 2011

I find myself:

::noticing God’s glory


Surrounded by Knights of Columbus in full regalia, I watched my three year old son’s wide eyes and wonderment as the parish nativity was blessed. This is the year I have been waiting for, the year that he is beginning to grasp that yes, indeed, He is our King!

::listening to 

a gently falling rain upon a still and quiet house.

::clothing myself in 

I’m going to pull on jeans and and a warm sweater pretty soon as we will be venturing across the bay to visit family that was not able to join us yesterday.

::giving thanks for


my daughter’s quick and astute discovery of the almost-too-late-to-be-caught dwindling Advent candle. Even though the wreath was set in a sterling silver bowl upon the dinning table, some how a candle began to collapse upon itself and just about ignited the evergreen wreath! Thanks to her quick eyes we were all spared a visit from the fire department!

::clicking around these links

Not too much clicking this week. Just this one, that made me cry.

::learning lessons in


gratitude.  Because really, this whole season is all for me. And you, too. For how can we be loved so much that this child was born? How can we not be grateful?

::encouraging learning 

by encouraging creativity. I think that there is a lot to be learned when a child needs to find ways to entertain themselves without adult direction.

::carefully cultivating rhythm


straightening up from the past few days of celebrations. Isn’t it amazingly wonderful how undone things become when you focus solely on your family? I have a list, (of course), and things are slowly being checked off. With Dad home for a week, we will just have to wait and see what type of rhythm plays out.

::crafting in the kitchen 

some ingenuity as I transform leftovers into new dinners. Any suggestions on how to use up a smoked Christmas turkey?

::loving the moments


of cradling my son as he sleeps. The Christmas Vigil Mass proved to be just too late for our little guy who did not have an afternoon nap. Swaying to and fro as he draped his sweet head upon my shoulder made me realize how precious is this season of life.

::living the liturgy

We really enjoyed our Advent lapbook and are contemplating completing another for the 12 days of Christmas since it seems to be a lovely and relaxing way to celebrate this season.

::planning for the week ahead


Today we will venture a few towns over to visit with family.We have already promised to take the children to a matinee later in the week, a rare and exciting treat in our house that everyone is anticipating. (Any suggestions on what to see?) Thanks to lovely grandparents, aunts and uncles generosity, I am sure some good old fashioned playtime with new toys is to be had!

::out takes worth a thousand words



2 responses to “Daybook: On the Second Day of Christmas 2011

  1. Hi Holly, I have been sharing so many of these feelings with my own family! How fleeting this season of childhood is, and how I’m trying to soak of every moment of it. Embracing the mess in my house because I want to snuggle my little ones on the couch and watch movies. Hope you are having a blessed Christmas season…

    • Heather,
      Embracing the mess is something that the children will remember— while we see mess, clutter and all the cleaning that should be done, all they see is the joy of Christmas! Let it all stay a while and hold those little ones tight! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you in the new year friend!

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