Daybook: On the Fourth Monday of Advent 2011


..::In the world outside my front door::..

Today marks the last shopping week before Christmas. Sadly, this year I will be one of those crazy shoppers! Christmas dinner will be held at our home this year and there are still a few loose ends that need to be gathered and readied for the meal. By this afternoon, everything should be complete!

..::I am Listening to::..

A semi-quiet house. Sleeping children and a husband preparing for work. Blissful!

..::I am Pondering::..

“I myself am very glad that the divine child was born in a stable because my soul is very much like a stable, filled with strange unsatisfied longings with guilt and animal-like impulses, tormented by anxiety, inadequacy and pain.

If the holy One could be born in such a place, he can be born in me also. I am not excluded.”

Morton Kelsey

..::I have Ventured::..


to the downtown square. Our city held it’s annual Christmas Parade this Saturday. The children and I attended and they had a wonderful time. Balloons, crafts, face painting and meeting up with friends made for a fantastic afternoon of parade watching.

..::I am Reading::..

Still making our way through the Advent Book Basket. We have also thrown in a few extra read alouds this year– Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Robinson’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. As others before us, we have really enjoyed the two!

..::I am Creating::..

Christmas Dinner plans. The menu keeps growing! Requests from my husband, as well as our traditional fare, are making an appearance at the table this year. Time to start all of the preparations!

..::I am learning::..

How a good detailed list always makes me feel better! I’m a planner and like to be organized, and list making is my go to tool to help smooth things out. We have had a few bumps in the road this year, and I have felt quite ‘off’ for some time now. Since lists aren’t always able to be made for the curves life throws, things are finally settling back down and, as I am sure my husband has noticed, the list notebook has been out in full view again.

..::To live the liturgy::..

With a fully lit wreath on Sunday, it can only mean one thing– Christmas is near! We have been lighting the candles on the Advent wreath each evening and the children have loved the increase in light that has come each week.

We also began celebrating the O Antiphons on Saturday with our O Antiphon house, but all of the food and gifts have been set aside for this year. Simple prayers are all we need right now. There is always next year!

..::Towards a Real Education::..

We are finishing up our Advent lapbook and doing lite lessons in the 4 R’s this week. Dad will be home from Christmas to the New Year before he is off traveling for work, so we are trying to prepare the school room to be shut down for a while.

I have also been creating new plans for the New Year as we will be adding a new student! We weren’t planning on adding our son to our homeschool until he was 4 or 5, but he has expressed a strong interest to be included. Aside from our usual educational and structured table time, He is eager to start preschool this year and we are not about to squelch that desire.

..::From the Kitchen::..

Gearing up for the Christmas Family meal is well under way. All of the serving pieces have been gathered and polished. Now it is just time to focus on the meal preparations. My goal is to have as much done and prepared ahead of time so that I can focus on my family on Christmas Day. The meal won’t be served until the evening so there will be ample time to right it all, but I still don’t want to feel overwhelmed. I’m only really used to cooking for 4 not 20!


..::Towards Rhythm and Beauty::..

Our home is usually always tidy. Since we were away most of the weekend, signs of abandonment are beginning to show. Laundry needs to be caught up on, as well as general household cleaning before all of our family begins to arrive for the weekend.

..::I am Hoping and Praying::..

For my husband as he embarks on his new travel itinerary in the New Year. And more or less, for myself. He will be gone for weeks at a time and this Momma isn’t quite used to doing it all on her own for such lengths of time. Prayers that we all adjust would be greatly appreciated!

For family that is traveling into town this year. That they all arrive safely.

For my brother and his new wife that will not be able to join in our celebrations this year due to distance– that they know how much we love and miss them!

..::On the Calendar for the Week::..

Finish up the grocery shopping for Christmas Day

Wrap the last few gifts

Make gingerbread houses and sugar cookies with the children

An evening ride with hot chocolate to view all of the light displays around the city

A lovely playdate with wonderful friends




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