Daybook: On the Third Monday of Advent 2011


..::In the world outside my front door::..

The hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers is beginning to overwhelm me. In the past, both for my sanity and so that I can focus on my family,  I am usually done with all of the holiday shopping, (with the exception of a  few odds and ends), before we begin the school year in mid summer. Not the case this year and it is starting to wear this momma out!

..::I am Listening to::..

A snoring husband. He took a much needed vacation day to get a few tasks accomplished. I thought I’d be a nice wife and let me sleep in just a little. That is until the children discover he is home……

..::I am so Grateful for::..


Wonderful, amazing Catholic families that we are so honored to call friends. Last night, we all gathered together to celebrate the life of St. Juan Diego, play some games in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and enjoy some pretty tasty Mexican inspired cuisine. Fun, friends and fellowship– what could be better?

..::I am Reading::..

Still plugging along through our Advent Book Basket with the children. I’m sad to say that I haven’t been able to complete my own readings for a week or so now. I’m still trying to play catch up around here!

..::I am Creating::..

lots of feast day plans. The Church is so full of celebrations this time of year and we really try to do our best to honor the saints in our home.


..::I am learning::..

That even when you extend yourself to others, and have nothing but the best of intentions, there are some people who just have to take offense and feel that the world is against them. I pray that their heart will soften and that they will see that there is actual good in this world.

..::To live the liturgy::..

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Even though we celebrated with other families last night, we will have our own family celebration at home this evening. We already touched a bit on the life of St. Juan Diego on Friday, but will really go all out this evening!

..::Towards a Real Education::..

The main 4— reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics— have been in the forefront the past few weeks. We have been slowly staying on top of our history text thanks to our lovely little ‘co-op’ with friends that meets every other week. Science has been about natural exploration but will definitely be taking a more serious turn after the new year! We have also been completing a lovely Advent Lapbook.

Right now, we are just enjoying this season in the Church and this season of family life. We have endured a lot this school year, and this is just the speed we need right now. Love that homeschooling allows our family to do what is BEST for our family!


..::From the Kitchen::..

Still lots and lots of baking! Seems to be a theme around here lately!

Baked Pumpkin Doughnut Holes, Jam Thumbprint Cookies, White-Butterscotch-Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Fudge Brownies and a few homemade rolls. Not too shabby!

..::Towards Rhythm and Beauty::..

The house has definite signs of Christmas approaching. The Advent Calendar is slowly dwindling, the Advent Book Basket is emptying, the tree has been decorated, the mantel and creche are set out, and even a cradle for the Baby Jesus is starting to accumulate strands of hay to make a nice soft bed before Christmas Day.

Yes, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas……

..::I am Hoping and Praying::..

For a friend’s daughter who was admitted to the hospital on Friday. The are still running test on the little 5 year old. Please pray with us for healing and comfort.

For a friend and her daughters— she is enduring a most difficult time and is trying to adjust to this new life and upheaval in her family.

For my husband. He is ending a semester at the university this week. That he is able to study and has a clear mind during his exams.

..::On the Calendar for the Week::..

Hopefully a nice quiet week. We do not have any outside commitments this week until Thursday. I will relish in the quiet and unplanned days!
We will also celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy, St. John of the Cross and the first of the O Antiphons.

..:::Worth A Thousand Words::..



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