On the Feast of St. Nicholas

The Feast of St. Nicholas is by far one of my children’s favorite to celebrate!

The celebration began with the children placing their shoes on the hearth on Monday evening in hopes of being gifted by St. Nicholas come the next day’s dawn.

The next morning, letters from St. Nicholas were to be found along with a chocolate Santa turned Bishop with a miter and crosier made from paper and foam (gold pipe cleaners were forgotten this year–Whoops!).


This year, I used Jessica’s lovely St. Nicholas Coin Printable to adhere depictions of the blessed Saint to the front of store bought gold coins, for as the legend says, St. Nicholas gifted a nobleman with monies  in secret so that his daughters would have the dowry necessary to marry their beloveds.


Since the legend also states that St. Nicholas tossed the coins into the nobleman’s home through the chimney, we had a little fun with tossing our gold coins into our own little chimney. My son especially enjoyed this!


After discovering the contents of their shoes, gingerbread pancakes with a whipped cream beard and and Bishop’s miter, candy cane staff and a few chocolate chips for eyes, nose and mouth helped to transform our breakfast and allowed St. Nicholas to make an appearance at the breakfast table!

We then set about reading from our Advent Book Basket. This year’s titles included,

After enjoying our read aloud time, we had every intention of baking our own St. Nicholas Speculaas Cookies. Instead, a trip to the ER was necessary.

William Stitches

My son had a little run in with a neighbor and his bike requiring stitches to his lip. Five hours and 1 stitch later, although not the way we had wished to end our day, our son was taking it extremely well and we knew St. Nicholas was interceding on our behalf since he is the patron Saint of young boys! Even so, hopefully next year will not be as eventful!


Be sure to visit Catholic Cuisine to see how others celebrated this wonderful Saint!


2 responses to “On the Feast of St. Nicholas

  1. Hi Holly~Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by from the St. Nicholas linky! Awww, so sorry to hear about your little one and the ER trip:( Never fun. But what a blessing to pray for the intercession of St. Nicholas…No doubt that helped! Thanks for sharing your beautiful books and yummy pancakes too:)

    • Tiffany, Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you, too! It was definitely not what we would have planned for the day, but graces were given thanks to our prayers!

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