On the Occasion of First Reconciliation

Traditionally, the white dresses, white flowers, cakes and parties are saved for the Sacrament of First Communion, and in our house they will be, too. However, we didn’t want the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation to be overshadowed. So, my sweet husband and I set about finding little ways to celebrate this momentous occasion for our daughter who received the Sacrament of First Reconciliation this past Thursday evening.

L First Confession 5

We began the day by attending daily Mass, offering up our prayers for guidance and grace from the Holy Spirit to ensure our daughter was truly ready to receive this sacrament.

We then returned home to a breakfast of homemade biscuits and honey. The white fluffy biscuits helped to remind us of the purity and cleanliness that would be found once absolution is granted, and the honey helped to remind us of how God’s sweet grace covers and envelops us upon leaving the confessional to offer our penance.

L First Confession 6

A few small roses were gifted to our daughter in hopes of serving as a visual reminder of the seal of the confessional. According to Fish Eaters:

“The rose is a symbol for many things in Christianity (Mary, Mystery, Paradise, martyrdom), the seal of the Confessional among them. The ancient Romans believed that Cupid — the Roman god of love — gave a rose to Harpocrates as a bribe for not letting on what his mother Venus, the goddess of “love,” was up to. Hence, the rose became a symbol of confidentiality. This symbolism carried over into Christianty, and the doors of Confessionals are sometimes decorated with the rose. From these Roman and Christian associations comes the phrase “sub rosa” — “under the rose,” meaning “secretly” or “confidentially.”

After our evening family  meal, (fried chicken, scalloped potatoes and a tossed salad chosen by the honoree), we gifted our daughter with an autographed copy of,Take It To The Queen by Joesphine Nobisso, an allegory about the life of Jesus and how his mother, Mary, serves a benevolent role for all of God’s people. The story is full of symbolism and is beautifully illustrated, and also depicts the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness. It was truly a fitting book for the occasion!

L First Confession 2

Donned for the occasion in red and white, (white for purity and red for the Holy Spirit), after visiting the church to receive the Sacrament, we stopped by a local ice cream parlor for a celebratory treat, (as I am sure you can tell from all of the cell phone pictures!).

L First Confession 3

It was our hope that all of the little touches throughout the day would help our daughter to realize the magnitude of this wonderful Sacrament. When tucking her into bed that evening, she stated, “Saying Confession is fun, and it’s not scary at all!” I knew that we had achieved our goal!


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