On the Feast of St. Andrew


The Advent season has just begun, and yesterday we already stumbled upon the first feast day– the Feast of St. Andrew! My children really enjoy this time of year because of all of the traditions and saints that help us celebrate the season.

We started the day off by learning a little about the first Apostle through reading excerpts from Marianna Mayer‘s The Twelve Apostles and Lovasik’s Picture Book of Saints.

After locating Scotland on the map, (whose country uses St. Andrew’s cross on their flag and also honors him as their patron saint), we then crafted our own St. Andrew’s flags and crosses! Like Christ, St. Andrew was crucified, however he did not deem himself worthy of dying on the cross. At his request, he was crucified on a Crux decussata or saltire– a cross turned on it’s side to form the shape of an X.

Recalling this, we used this template of the flag of Scotland honoring St. Andrew’s cross and a few scraps of paper to fashion our flags, and then moved on to gluing craft sticks together in the shape of an X to form his cross.


Before St. Andrew became an Apostle, he along with his brother, Simon Peter, were both fishermen so the children played a few rounds of ABSeas, and were fishers of letters instead of fishers of men!

We also created our own prayer cards to help us remember to pray the St. Andrew Christmas Novena. This prayer is recited 15 times a day, beginning on the Feast of Saint Andrew (November 30) until Christmas day, asking our Father to grant us our request in honor of the birth of His most beloved Son on Christmas. It’s not too late to begin this wonderful devotion with your family, you can print, cut and fold your own prayer card, and begin today!

Lastly, in remembering St. Andrew as a fisherman, I had planned on serving fish for dinner with baked potatoes sliced with a St. Andrew’s cross on top, however, my wonderful, sweet mother invited us over for a family dinner. A night with grandmother, aunts and cousins seemed a great way to honor this Saint!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

(How did you honor the first Apostle?)


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