Daybook: On the First Monday of Advent

..::Outside my Front Door::..

The fall wreath has finally made it’s way back up to the attic.  It’s been replaced  with an evergreen wreath  as we began our family Advent celebrations this weekend.

..::I am Thinking::..

about how I am going to finish up the holiday shopping. I am usually finished by the end of October, but this year things got a bit derailed. Trying to complete this with the children underfoot is almost impossible in the crowded stores–Thank goodness for online shopping and free shipping!

..::I am Listening to::..

My husband and daughter chattering away in the family room. I’m so happy that my little girl still enjoys her special time with Dad in the evenings!

..::I am so Grateful for::..

DSC_0327lunch dates with my husband. Even if it is just sitting around our own kitchen table, the fact that he chooses to drive home from the office to have his midday meal at home with the family, and to know that his heart is content makes me ever so grateful.

..::I am Reading::..

We have already dug into the Advent Book Baskets that are gathered around the hearth. The children have already enjoyed the first few books and are eager for those that will follow. I’m enjoying this special time cuddling together and having little faith filled conversations.

..::I am Creating::..

Lapbook plans for Advent and Christmas. I have found a few ready to be purchased online, but they aren’t quite what I am looking for so I have been putting Publisher to good use!

I have also been crafting a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. Our family decided to play Kris Kringle this year, and she is the name I picked. I hope she will enjoy my efforts. (And since she reads this little here blog of mine, I promise to share it with you at a later date!)

..::I am learning::..

to really slow down and be intentional. This season of Advent is about preparing and I will be the first to admit that I often prepare too much!

..::To Live the liturgy::..

DSC_0324My daughter will be completing the Sacrament of First Reconciliation on Thursday evening. We have been preparing her at home since last year, but she has also been attending our parish Catechism program. She is thrilled and truly ready to begin this journey in the church.

Won’t you please pray for her, that she will be guided by the Holy Spirit, and that she receives all of the graces from the Sacrament?

..::Towards a Real Education::..

After a few days off for Thanksgiving and to spend some time with Dad, we are slowly picking back up with our school lessons. It’s always hard to begin again with all of the excitement of the holidays! We really are trying to stay focused and concentrate on Advent– there are lots of plans that have been made!

..::Towards Rhythm and Beauty::..

On Saturday, thanks to the BIG football rivalry in our state, my husband and brother-in-law kept the children occupied while watching the game, and I was able to completely de-clutter the Master Bedroom. Our bedside tables tend to accumulate lots of books since we both tend to have more than one going at a time, and they also become the dumping ground for the kid’s odds and ends. Thanks to a couple of hours and some good ol’ fashioned “spring cleaning”, our room feels so much more refreshing now– a real sanctuary!

..::I am Hoping and Praying::..

for my daughter as she enters into the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

for a dear, sweet friend and her children, who are enduring a very difficult time. Would you please remember them in your prayers?

for friends who just learned they will be moving to Puerto Rico this coming spring. We will miss you!

..::Picture Worth a Thousand Words::..


..::From the Kitchen::.. 

Leftovers! The last of the Thanksgiving turkey was finished off this evening as it was tossed into a pasta dish. I’m tempted to purchase one more– we love all of the yummy dishes to make from the leftovers!

Still lots and lots of baking! Chocolate Chip cookies, Banana bread, and Butterscotch and White Chocolate cookies.  Hopefully some yummy rolls tomorrow!

..::On the Calendar for the Week::..

Starting back up with lessons in the school room

Praying for and Celebrating our daughter’s First Confession

Park playtime with some wonderful friends

First Friday Mass followed by our homeschool group’s early celebration of St. Nicholas


2 responses to “Daybook: On the First Monday of Advent

  1. Emily @ Day in the Life

    Praying for your daughter. What a wonderful sacrament to be preparing for! You have such a beautiful family 🙂

  2. Emily, Thank you so much for the prayers! And prayers to you, too, for your engagement!

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