Daybook: Friday Musings (Nov 18, 2011)

..::In the world outside my front door::..

The temperatures dropped considerably last night, and who just forgot to turn on the heat?

This girl!

We woke up to a house at a crisp 65 this morning—Shiver!

..::I am Listening to::..

Silence. The children are all still asleep, and I am indulging in it’s solitude.

..::I am Wearing::..

Ashamed to admit, but I’m still donning my pjs!

..::I am so Grateful for::..

Wonderful uplifting friends who share their hearts and let you know that you are not alone in this world with your suffering.

..::I’m Pondering::..

“You cannot be half a saint; you must be a whole saint or no saint at all.”


St. Therese of Lisieux

..::I am Reading::..

A Love That Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make it Work by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar With all of the controversy swirling about the announcement of their latest gift, (That’s right, I said gift!), I plucked this off of our library shelf. No matter your religious beliefs, this mother of many has so much wisdom to share. Even with my little mini-family I have gleaned some valuable tips to implement.

..::I am Thinking::..

That even with creating some Advent plans, it really did sneak up on me this year! It is just a week away!

..::I am Creating::..

Still more Advent and Christmas plans. I’m trying a few new things this year that will hopefully become a part of our family’s traditions.

..::I am learning::..

to take my own advice and learn when I need to say no. I feel extremely over-committed lately!

..::To live the liturgy::..

We have been gearing up for the new translation of the Mass that is set to begin in just a few short days. Are you ready?

..::Towards a Real Education::..


My second grade daughter just finished up her state of Virginia project for our homeschool support group’s Geography Fair. She has learned a lot about how to complete a long range project on her own, and gleaned a lot of new information about the state where her Uncle and Aunt reside.

..::Towards Rhythm and Beauty::..

Trying to make plans for the Thanksgiving feast. We will be bouncing around this year, visiting family in two different cities. You would think that after 8 years this task would become easier…..

..::I am Hoping and Praying::..

That this next week will bring about a welcome calm. We need some time to catch our breath around here!

..::Around the House::..

 Trying to debate if I should leave up the fall decorations until next weekend, or if I should go ahead and prepare the home for Advent….Decisions, decisions!

..::From the Kitchen::.. 

Still lots and lots of baking! 4 pumpkin pies, banana bread, peanut butter cookies, brownies and yeast rolls— all since Wednesday.

..::One of My Favorite Things::..

a happy house.

My son, seated at the family dinner table after a long day away from home, without prompting, sighed and said, “I love our house! It makes me happy!”.

If only he knew how much this made his momma’s heart swoon!

..::On the Calendar for the Week::..

a Little Flowers meeting

Park playtime with some wonderful friends

City Christmas tree lighting and a stroll through the downtown square

and hopefully a relaxing and slow weekend!

..::Worth a Thousand Words::..



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