{Preparing for Advent} New Translation of the Mass: The New Roman Missal

By now, my Catholic friends, I am sure you are aware that the new translation of the Mass is set to begin on the first Sunday of Advent. That’s the beginning of the new Church Year– just 11 days away!

For a lot of you, there are questions—why is all of this happening now? This year? And just what exactly does this all mean?

Well, the folks at Lifeteen have a few words to share to help us understand:

Wow! What an undertaking!

In just a little over a week, we will embark on a journey to help us grow deeper in faith—what an amazing gift we are about to receive!

However, for most of us, the Mass has been recited the same way for our entire lives. (For me, that’s roughly 1600+ times—Amazing!)  While old habits are hard to break, and it will no doubt take us all a while to remember the new Mass responses, there is hope!

A little help can be had thanks to Magnificat’s  offering  of pew cards with the new Order of the Mass, complete with both priest and congregation responses.

And thanks to Catholic Icing, there is help for the little ones, too! Lacy has shared a New Mass Responses booklet, (based on Cycle Year B), free for your children to download and print.

It is my hope that sharing these little guides will help you all be prepared for this exciting time, as we delve into the new Mass translation in just a few short days!

Deo Gratias!


Thanks be to God!


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