For How Can We Keep From Singing?

Good and bad.

They run on parallel tracks, with one slightly farther ahead. One always arriving just before the other—never quite at the same time.

When it is the good, we conquer and triumph. With the bad, we stumble and stagger.


Over our past eight years together, mixed among the laughter, we have experienced more life altering, life shattering, cataclysmic events than most. And yet, rather than immersing ourselves beneath our own misery and wallowing and faltering in the darkness, we have always looked ahead to the light.

Amidst it all, we have learned that each is a gift.

For how can we keep from singing?


Even when joy and comfort die, through these aching walls, we know that these are all his givings. Through the turmoil and the strife, we lift our eyes to blue skies–no storm can shake our innermost calm, for it is He that echos in our souls.

Good and bad—All these things are ours, since we are His. We trust that as the days pass, the road will become smoother and our load will become light, that peace will find us once again for this is all His grace.

For how can we keep from singing?


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