{Preparing for Advent} Advent and Christmas Book Baskets for Fireside Read Alouds

With Advent approaching in just a couple of weeks, I have been trying to order our home in preparation for the birth of Christ. Over the years it has become a family tradition to celebrate this time of year by snuggling up on the couch in front of the fire for family read-alouds.

After gleaning from our shelves, and making a few trips to the library, I set about ordering our books to help us celebrate this exciting time in the church year, for it is so rich! When selecting the books, I tried to keep in mind the traditions of Advent, as well as to note the season’s feast days.

Here are this year’s Advent and Christmas Books for Fireside Reading:

..::{Leading the Way}::..

..::{Advent Week One}::..

..::{Advent Week Two}::..

..::{Advent Week Three}::..

..::{Advent Week Four}::..

..::{12 Days of Christmas}::..

..::{For the Littlest Ones}::..

Last year, after being inspired by Charlotte and Jessica wrapping their books in beautiful purple paper awaiting unwrapping on the appropriate day, I decided that instead of just placing our books in our lovely wicker basket on the hearth, we would group our books into weekly Advent bags, (since I just can’t bring myself to wrap over 40 books and throw away the paper!).

Each week’s books will be placed into either a purple (weeks 1,2, and 4) or rose (week 3) colored cloth bag with either Hope,Peace, Joy or Love stitched on the front. (All of our books for the 12 Days of Christmas will be placed into a separate gold bag.)

The bags will still be set around the hearth, but in this way, they will not be revealed until the planned week, offering a little bit more  suspense and surprise! Hopefully, curious eyes do not sneak peeks!

I hope that sharing our family’s plans will bless you and your family as you prepare your hearts and homes for the coming of our Lord!


See the newest additions to the Advent Book Basket for 2012 here!



8 responses to “{Preparing for Advent} Advent and Christmas Book Baskets for Fireside Read Alouds

  1. This is a great round up of Advent reading! Some of our very favorites are included in here. Also, great idea about the bags! I too couldn’t quite bring myself to wrap all those books!

  2. WOW, what a fantastic list of Fireside Reading Resources! Thank you so much for linking up on our Preparing for Baby Jesus Avent Link Up at Raising Little Saints! I am a Reading Specialist (by profession) so you could imagine I love books, and this post! ❤
    Raising {&Teaching} Little Saints

    • Erika,
      Like you, I love a good book! And it is just one easy way to help celebrate the days of Advent! I hope you find some gems in our basket for this year!

  3. HAHAHAHA, wrong FB address….woooops forgot the “little”

  4. So excited! I have many of these in the ABC Literature-Based Advent Plans I made for this year, but there are some new ones to me, too. I LOVE learning about new titles. Thanks.

    Oh, and if you want to check out my book list, which has a few yours doesn’t, I think, feel free to check out the link at http://traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com/2011/11/planning-simple-yet-complete-advent.html

    • Martianne, Thank you so much for sharing your plans– they look fantastic! And I will definitely be checking out your entire book list– I see a couple that will make their way to our shelves very soon!

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