If You Give A Boy A Jacket…..

When he wakes up in the morning, he’ll ask you for a glass of chocolate milk.


While you make him the glass of chocolate milk, he’ll ask for it to be in a sword cup.


(Sword Cup n.   an empty jelly jar, that tapers slightly at the top, that has been claimed by a young boy for all his own).


When you give him a sword cup full of chocolate milk, he is going to ask for a breakfast of “bread with something on it”.


(Bread With Something On Itn.  a piece of bread covered with Nutella and folded in half.)


When he is done with his sword cup and has finished his “bread with something on it”, and he dresses for the day and decides to wear a jacket, he is going to hide his face from his mother.


After obliging him all morning, he still refuses to look at the camera, but mother doesn’t care–she loves him just the same.


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