The Joy of True Friendship

As they pranced about, tramping in and out of skillfully plowed rows, weaving among cornstalks and strewn hay, I couldn’t help but smile.


Despite her bruised heart from those long days of summer, I have slowly  witnessed her palm learn to firmly grasp, as shaky hands are beginning to subside. She is finding how to hold her compass steady.


Now, instead of shedding tears and patching up scraped feelings, she is indulging in the sweetness of childhood secrets and shared jokes. She is basking in the comfort of holding a real friend’s hand.


Following behind, watching as the dust rose as they danced, my mother’s heart knew that although those summer scars are beginning to heal, they will not be the last.

I was, however, comforted in knowing that when those days come, her heart and feelings scraped and bruised once more, I can smile again and remind her of these moments.


Remind her that, yes remember, you have in fact discovered  the joy of true friendship–you have in fact meet the sweetest souls and truest friends.


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