Hushed Silence

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They have been trying to unravel the twisting convoluted mass of entanglement.

Trying to find that one loose thread to pull that will allow everything to disengage, unfurl, and make sense.

The younger ones have been left puzzled upon hearing compounded, complex words that are quickly hushed into silence.

Paralysis. Varicosity. Metastatic. Cancer.

My husband, the oldest of 10, throughout the week has sporadically gathered them all here in our home. A bittersweet mix of aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers–most of whom have filtered in and out over the years, going about their own lives, beginning their own families, having their own adventures.

My own children, having only just meet their youngest uncle and aunts,  have been trying to grapple with how their dad is both father and brother all at once in this same space.

And somewhere nudged between the sea of familiar faces and the joy of family, is the wave of despair and sadness.





Sometimes, even us adults, after hearing these compound and complex words,  wish that they, too, would be quickly hushed into silence.


A note of thanks to all of you, dear friends, for all of the lovely words of  prayer for our family during this time. We greatly appreciate all of your thoughts, emails, phone calls, cards, letters, and for the gracious hospitality and compassion you have shown our family. Humbly, we ask that you please continue to lift us all up in prayer, especially, my father-in-law, Ed.

Sancta Dei Genetrix, ora pro nobis!

Holy Mother of God, pray for us!


2 responses to “Hushed Silence

  1. Thank you for all you and your husband have done for our entire family during this difficult time. Love, Cat

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