Book Review: The Child’s Bible History by Knecht

After spending the first couple of years of our homeschool working our way through the The Golden Children’s Bible, this year something new was in order. Still wanting to encompass scripture study into our days, I stumbled upon this little paperback published by Tan Books.


The Child’s Bible History by Rev. F. J. Knecht, D.D is a light weight, small, slightly larger than palm sized booklet.


It’s pages chronicle both the history of the Old Testament


and the New Testament.

Each condensed selection from the Bible, taking no longer than a minute or two to digest,


is relayed with beautiful old language and is accompanied with simple black and white detailed illustrations.


Each selection is followed by comprehension questions, (either to be read by the student or asked by the parent), to help jog the reader’s mind, and to ensure that the scripture study is well understood.


The bit sized selections have helped our family to further delve into the scriptures, all while not taking longer than a couple of minutes to complete in our morning basket.


Simple and effective. It has served us well!

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