Small Hands Can Serve

Some say that their hands are too small–that their grasps are not wide enough to make a difference.


Walk with them down by the water’s edge, dance in and out of sea oats and sand dunes, weave carefully through the morning glory, and see.


Watch as they lean slowly into the sand, picking up discarded remnants of other’s fun, cleansing their treasured places.


Watch, how despite the dirt and grime that has carelessly, even purposefully, been left behind, they still seek and find the marvels of His creation.


Watch as they gather up the riches of the earth in their too small hands.


Watch and see, that even with their too small grasps, they are able to fully grip and understand how to go into all of the world and make a difference. Small as they may be, they know that even the smallest of efforts has benefits that multiply.


Step beside them, lifting up fragments of abandoned moments, and you too will discover that the transference of this gift simply can’t afford to be  refused. Too small hands, perhaps they may be, but it is their grasps that envelop more than the eye can see.


They have learned what a gift it is to serve.


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