Field Trip

As we walked,  we were a cloud of blue trailing behind the team members cloaked in red and white of the big box store.  The children’s ears were heightened, filtering in all of the knowledge, in hopes of being able to remeber the correct answer and win a treasured prize. The girls linked arms together, sharing in the stolen moments of friendship, all while strolling along the aisles.

When we eventually stopped to assemble with the rest of our group, a lady, topped with salt and pepper hair, with lines of wisdom from years passed gracing her face, lightly touched my arm and whispered, “Ya’ll are homeschoolers, aren’t you?”

With my response of “Yes, Maam. We certainly are.,” among a group of toddlers to high schoolers, she clutched her chest and I witnessed a door that had closed off a flood of memories suddenly be flung open.

“I taught our last one for the last time over ten years ago……Treausre this honey! And bless you!”

As she sauntered off pushing a full cart, this little passing moment of niceities clung to me.

Yes, she is right.

Blessed I am.

For the world tells me that I am defined by what I do, by what I acheive, by how much money I am able to earn. It tells me that my days spent at home are not of value nor of worth. But I don’t dare believe them.  For I know that I am truly achieveing more than can ever be measured, I am accomplishing what He finds fit for my vocation, and my treasure will not be awarded in this world. I am forever greatful that I am able to say that my life’s work is all wrapped up and can be found residing in thses two little people that I have created. They are my legacy.

Like all seasons, this one too shall pass. My children will grow up. In due time I will become that salt and pepper topped lady, with lines of wisdom from years passed gracing my face, who is so sweetly clutching the arm of a young mother with a toddler on her hip. I, too, will fling open that door and a burst of memories, just like this one, will flood right on in.

Blessed, yes, I am. And I will treasure every moment.


One response to “Field Trip

  1. so true…..i loved every moment of my time spent with small arts and craft projects,picking up leaves while watching the children be amazed at the colors,rainey days with games and puzzles spread from one corner of the room to the other,they do grow so fast,,but the good memories will last a life time…i love you..huggs

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