Airborne: {First Dauphin Street Vault}

It’s just not what you would expect to run into when walking down the street.

You don’t expect to see runways planked down with standards raised at it sides.

No, you don’t expect it at all.

But it is exactly what caused street closings this weekend.

The collaborative brain child of some old high school friends and track team mates came to fruition on Saturday with our city hosting it’s first Dauphin Street Vault event.

Some 70- odd jumpers, (some as young as ten!), from surrounding states, all joined in on the chance to reach the box and invert themselves over the bar amidst local eateries and night clubs.

In the middle of the street…

On pavement…

With spectators gawking as the bar rose higher and higher.

And good friend, (wife of one of the organizers and mother of two), proved that we old ladies…

Yea….We can be quite amazing!


3 responses to “Airborne: {First Dauphin Street Vault}

  1. wow, that is so cool! Specially the mom part!!

  2. Aw, thanks for coming, Holly! Nice pics!

  3. Very cool!! Mom rocks 😀
    Here from the Hop.

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