Summer Book Club: Gooney Bird Greene Note Booking Pages (Printable)

Since the beginning of June, the glass top table has been nudged into the corner and wrought iron chairs rearranged, all waiting for the arrival of 10 little girls. Each Monday afternoon, our family kitchen has been transformed into the meeting place for a girl’s summer book club. Sprawled out on the dinning room rug, all eager to share in friendship over a good book, the girls giggle and smile while discussing the readings and sharing their own stories.

It was last year, just before a family road trip, that we plucked it off of the shelf. After finishing the book, Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry, (the story of a spunky girl who tells only absolutely true stories), I knew it would lend itself to fun.

Within the contextual dialogue of the book, aspects of what makes a story good— beginning, middle, end, characters, suspense– are discussed, and dictionary and atlas usage are explored. Our family went on to finish all of the books in the series, ( there are four total, each standing on it’s own) and were also able to explore fables and poetry. What a springboard for introducing creative writing!

For the past month, the book club has been meandering it’s way through the first book in the series, Gooney Bird Greene. We have gathered to discuss the book, prance around in our own Gooney Bird get ups, and just have some good old fashion fun with words. The girls have also been crafting a notebook of sorts to chronicle their journeys into the writing road.

Because we have had fun…

And because I love ya….

I thought you too might like to venture into the world of Gooney Bird Greene. You can join in on the fun we have been having with creating your own Gooney Bird Greene Notebook. You can find all of the unit adventures we have been utilizing below:

These pages, coupled with Chelle’s  lapbook (from Last In Line) and the literature guide from Merry Bee , would help to make a fun summer for you, too! Enjoy!

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3 responses to “Summer Book Club: Gooney Bird Greene Note Booking Pages (Printable)

  1. Hi Holly, would you mind if I linked back to this Goonie Bird post on our GBG post..
    (Thanks for the mention too, that’s really nice!)

    smiles & blessings,
    PS: Also, If you’d a better quality GBG picture of our sketch to place in your lovely notebooking set, just let me know.

  2. Thanks Holly!
    Adding your GBG link now …. trusting that your new learning year is going well, one without too many bumps in the road!
    We have 3 months left to go of our school year to go (Feb-Dec) … so looking forward to our Christmas/summer break (-:)

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