Just Keep Swimming

When I first started out, I swore it would never happen to me. I consoled moms in my homeschooling circle of friends who were enduring that season, and I nodded my head and smiled, but never fully understood their pain. I listened intently, tucking away their shared wisdom for future days that I was sure would never come.

Those days came.

They came hard.

What I didn’t know was just how hard and cumbersome it was to pull myself out of this season.

It was not a depression, it was the hitting of a wall and not knowing how to scale it. There is so much that is orchestrated by me as a mother, that when I threw in a couple of sides of me as a teacher, the weight of the tray was not always balanced. I succumbed to my family enduring sub par meals, the television being turned on some afternoons, and the floor not always being vacuumed.

This season has taught me to sit on the floor and play. Just play. I’ve learned to observe and not to teach. I’ve learned to just kept swimming, for like all seasons, this one does pass, and I have come through with my own wisdom to share with the next mom who will just nod and smile.

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2 responses to “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Holly,
    You took on the toughest job in the world, raising children. Raising them with respect (both sides) , manners and a love for life and God. When the time comes that you just say “this to shall pass” it will have gone by in an instant. savor your time, live ,learn and laugh….it’s gets harder.
    My sincere Love and Respect,
    Aunt Pam

  2. We’ve also been in this season, but the lessons we are learning are invaluable. And sometimes, regardless of the season, the TV just has to go on for awhile (guess what my kids are doing right now since it’s too hot to go outside?) The biggest thing I’ve learned here is to give myself some grace; press forward, keep trying, but take it one step at a time — even if it’s the same step I took yesterday.

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